MSNBC Commentator: More white kids need to die for America to understand racism

Steve Cooper


Democrats are fueling the race issue, because a ‘race war’ has been the goal of Communist Revolutionaries for a very long time. They tried to spark a race war in the 60’s, but not enough people were brainwashed.


Repeating lies over and over in the media and the Internet makes brainwashing much easier as Liberal professors push hatred against white people (and Capitalism) in the Universities.


The Democrats are using black stooges on TV like this guy in the video to rev up the race issue to distract from Obama’s deliberate sabotage of the American economy. They are covering for the failures of the first black President that was rammed down our throats. ¬†Obama is a Marxist/Muslim laboratory experiment that has turned into a Frankenstein.


Occupy Wall Street radicals are also trying to incite blacks into violence as well, because they are Communists too.


I bet deep down, Hillary is worried that Obama (and the radicals that he works for) will somehow get rid of term limits via a staged and massive crisis that sparks a Revolution. This ‘revolution’ won’t bring regime change. Instead it will give Obama broader powers so he can have ABSOLUTE POWER.


Time will tell…


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