Friday March 15, 2013 is Buy a Large Soda Day in NYC

Celebrate your freedom on Friday March 15, 2013 by buying a large soda to let Elitist Mike Bloomberg know that he can’t force his radical views onto the ‘little people’.

ALL Cities are welcome to join in this CELEBRATION…

Bloomberg is trying to ban soda and guns no matter how much he is twisting the facts. He is really twisting freedoms…

Please spread the word… – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

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Muslim Terrorists, Communists and Libertarians were the only ones afraid of George Bush

Conservative Monster (@cnin) tweeted at 6:58 PM on Tue, Mar 12, 2013:

The only people that were afraid of George Bush were Muslim terrorists, Communists and Libertarians.

Were they just paranoid or guilty of something?


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“Mayor Bloomberg is dangerous, crazy and totalitarian,” – Michael Savage

As a nutritionist, Savage doesn’t recommend the consumption of too much sugar – but as a defender of liberty, he believes that individuals must be free to decide what they’ll eat and drink.

“Mayor Bloomberg is dangerous, crazy and totalitarian,” Michael Savage told his radio audience, noting:

I called it “food fascism” in my 1981 book “The Skeptical Nutritionist.”

Look where these laws are coming from.

Is it the right wing that’s trying to impose fascistic food decisions on you?

No, it’s leftists like Bloomberg.

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Don’t Alarmed by the North Korean Threats

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

North Korea’s threats against the USA is just psychological warfare against the American people by the International Marxists in Russia and China. These terrorist nations also use Iran as a proxy of terror against the USA as well, but Iran actually kills people.

Again, this is psychological warfare against the people, but notice that I didn’t say it was against Obama? No, because he is on board and our enemies know this.

The goal here is to create fear and paranoia on the American population and Obama is all for that goal. The goal here is to make the people feel wary of these wars and to surrender to World Communism. That day is near.. – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s
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Losing Allen West was a Severe Blow in the War Against Communism


Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

Several Conservative Monster fans brought up the fact that Allen West voted for NDAA and the Patriot Act.

Congress has access to terrorist intelligence that we ‘the people’ do not. The fact that Ron and Rand Paul constantly speak out in protection of Iran was and still is frightening since they know about the evil deeds that Iran has committed.

US Generals have testified in front of Congress about evidence that directly linked Iran to terrorism that killed US Soldiers on the battlefield, but Ron Paul still defended Iran. That makes him just as evil for defending evil. Ron Paul would blame terrorism on ‘American foreign policy’ instead of the actual terrorists that are killing US Soldiers and Muslims women and children.

The Communist Establishment and the GOP would have kept Allen West if he were on board with their agenda, but they crushed him instead.


They wanted to banish Allen West, because he dared to PUBLICLY bring up something that is forbidden from the light of day and that is the link between the Democrats and Communists that hide behind the label of Progressives.

I felt mush safer when The Patriot Act was in the hands of George Bush than I feel with Barack Obama. Leftists were hysterical about the Patriot Act when Bush was in office, because they were afraid he would link them to their Muslim terrorist friends.

Now, the Leftist radicals have control and they can’t be trusted. So, I can understand why everyone is feeling worried about the Patriot Act and NDAA under Obama.

Trust my intuition, because I am rarely wrong. Losing Allen West was the biggest tragedy in the fight against Communism in recent memory. You all better pressure Senator Cruz, because it looks like Rubio is afraid to mention the words socialism or communism.

Rand Paul spoke for 13 hours about the threat facing the American people from drones, but he failed to mention the bloody history of Communism or the communist threat that is heading towards the American people from this back breaking debt? He is full of crap.

The Tea Party rookies ate up the Rand Paul 13 hour acting scene, because they are new at this and can be easily manipulated.

Many Libertarians are revolutionaries just like Obama is. They are feeding off of each other and Libertarians might shout anti Obama slogans all day, but they still can’t be trusted since their foreign policy gives power to foreign enemies such as Iran. – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s
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