Hugo Chavez dead….

Reported by NBC News  and Fox News

There will be terrorism in Venezuela if Hugo Chavez’s replacement dares to drift away from Socialism.

Hugo Chavez on his deathbed

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Oberlin, Ohio College KKK Incidents a Student Hoax?

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

When I first heard about this story I said to myself “Brainwashed, left wing students staged this incident, because they were seeking to start rallies on campus”.

CNN just reported that the Police are ‘possibly’ investigated two students from Oberlin College in regards to the racial incidents on campus. The President of the College refused to comment to CNN about the investigation.

Any students that are allegedly involved with this hoax should rot in jail, but they will probably work for the DNC instead. – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

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China Boosts 2013 Defense Spending 10.7%

China is boosting their Defense while Obama is cutting the USA’s?

Don’t be alarmed…they are GOOD FRIENDS.

Young Russians Still Praise Mass Murderer Joseph Stalin 60 Years After His Death


Murder of the opposition is seen as a necessary evil by Marxists. Obama followers will act the same way towards Conservatives if he ever becomes a dictator.  


‘Freedom’ license plate banned in Washington D.C.

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

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This is a sign of what is coming… – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

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Communist Party leader Jarvis Tyner: ‘Keep the pressure on Obama to take the offensive’

Thanks Scott for sending me this video…

The sheep have a hard lesson on Communism coming, because it was never defeated like I have said many times. The Democrats and the media are covertly working together to turn the USA into the new Soviet Empire.

Communism will never be defeated at this rate since the threat is not allowed to be mentioned in the media. Sure, you can rant on your Facebook page about Communism all you want, but it is being kept from the MAINSTREAM.

They are winning and they know it. Lenin’s dream of World Communism is very near….

I could fix this mess in ONE MONTH…but the Libtardarians would have a heart attack (that is a good thing).

Not Quite Comrade

The American people are going to be slaves. Ronald Reagan is rolling over in his grave. We defeated communism? Not quite comrade.

– Steve Cooper

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