Will The Conservative Monster be the Top ‘Hate Site’ of 2013?

“In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell

The Southern Poverty Law Center (stooges for the Marxist Democrats) declared the Conservative Monster as one of the top hate sites of 2012.

Since when is being anti-Communist hateful? I guess only Communists see it that way? Well, I deserve the award if being anti-communist is considered hateful. Where do I accept this award, because I want to give a speech that will make the communist rats faint in their limousines.

The Year in Hate & Extremism: The Southern Poverty Law Center has The Conservative Monster in their Cross Hairs

Why Is The Tea Party ‘Extremist,’ But Democratic Support For Big Government ‘Moderate’?

Why is the Tea Party considered extremist? Well, because the Marxists say that it is…


Communist talking points on PBS

I was watching PBS for a ‘few minutes’ the other night and I was blown away by the class warfare rhetoric that they were spewing on that channel. The time has come to shut down all tax monies that fund PBS.

They use Communist talking points without ever using the words Socialism or Communism. I had to turn it off, because it made me furious.

Stopping the war against Capitalism is the best thing to get rid of poverty. Spread the wealth rather than suppressing it.

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Record high 91.5 million people not included in labor force

There is always the Government; when there is no hope, but this is what brings tyranny. The suppression of Capitalism via high taxes and regulations is causing this mess. It is intentional sabotage.

The war against Capitalism and a staged event in the Middle East will bring Martial Law and a global economic meltdown. Do you believe that Obama, Putin and the UN will save you? Start praying now…

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Iran FM: Syria is the ‘most serious security threat’ to the World

Iran FM: Syria is the ‘most serious security threat’ to the World