Olympics to drop wrestling in 2020

Steve Cooper

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Chael Sonnen BLASTS Olympic Committee


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California is losing 30% of their Doctors?

Fox News just did a segment about how California might lose 30% of their doctors to retirement. Thank Obamacare for this.

Now, there is debate whether to change the definition of a doctor to include nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

I predicted that one day veterinarians will be added to that mix of doctors treating people in a hospital due to a shortage.

Welcome to the Banana Republic 

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The Voting Fraud Numbers Are In—and They’re Shocking!

The same GOP puppets that insisted Obama was eligible to be President also deny voter fraud had anything to do with the election results.


Democrat Congressman wants to look at Handguns too

This commie is jumping the gun? He is off the script, because right now is the time that they lie about wanting to go for handguns. That space cadet Mark Kelly is their useful idiot…