Michelle Malkin speaks out against Liberal Republicans

Great speech by Michelle, but Leftists are communists…not Progressives.

How can you defeat Communists if you DON’T say the word. I guess Malkin would be banned from Fox News if she dared to use the C word. Michelle doesn’t read the GOP script 100%, but she certainly don’t read the Joe McCarthy script and that is what is needed NOW!

Video of Dogs Praying Before They Eat

I guess these dogs are NOT Atheists?

Dogs are amazing animals or can we just call them human at this point?

Rush: ‘The Left Has Beaten Us’

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

I tried to warn the Tea Party rookies that Communism is already here, but they told told me that Pizza Man Cain was going to save them. Glenn Beck, Bill O’, Dick Morris, Karl Rove and the rest of the script readers are afraid to speak the real truth. These stooges gave you all FALSE HOPE.

Now they are telling me about NEW Tea Party super heroes that wear a cape, but they lack the guts to call for McCarthy style hearings. That is what is needed…because elections can’t stop this stealth corrupt, communist assault.

The Communist Establishment has the GOP trembling in fear due to their radical associations in Russia, China and Iran. This is NOT the same NWO that George Bush Sr was talking about. Bush Sr. would have beat Bill Clinton If that were the case, but the Libtard-arians have no answer for that.

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VIDEO: Firefighters take down maniac hacking at wife with cleaver in Chinatown


Terror by Proxy from the 60’s to 2013

In the 60’s the Russians used the Cubans. In the 70’s they used the PLO. From the 80’s – present they use Iran as their proxy of terror.


Afghanistan: U.S. forces ‘may be murdering’



Notice the CNN headline that I copied says ‘may be murdering’. Well, I can promise you that headline would be different if George Bush were President.


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