2007 Episode of “24″: Former Soviet Officer claims ‘use of Arabs’ to nuke the US

Conservative News Update:

In an episode of 24 from 2007 (season 6, episode #10), a former Soviet Officer sold suitcase nuke bombs to Muslims to attack the US. He said “We will finally do what we always wanted (nuke the US), but the Arabs will take the blame”.

This is based on a real statement according to JR Nyquist’s well known article – Is Al Qaeda a Kremlin Proxy?

 Related to this, in 1998 I asked a former Russian intelligence official how Moscow might successfully pull off a surprise nuclear attack against the United States without suffering a devastating retaliation. He replied without hesitation, saying: “If you ever hear that Arab terrorists have attacked an American city with nuclear weapons don’t believe it.” The attack, he said, would be from Russia.

Gracie Jiu Jitsu Instructors: “We don’t believe the choke (by NYPD) caused Eric Garners death”

Conservative News Update:

The autopsy backs up the opinion of these Gracie Instructors on the so called Staten Island NYPD choke incident. The ‘hold’ used by the NYPD Officer was to retrain, not to choke and it wasn’t the cause of death of Mr. Garner. Move the video up to 8:00 …

The instructors also stated the move was really like a headlock. I mentioned the same thing in this article since I have many years of martial arts experience myself.

Obama Speech: “We need a ‘New Order’ that’s based on economies that work for ‘all people’

Conservative News Update:

Obama speech from a recent DNC fundraiser….

Reuters: Republicans seek greater say on Iran nuclear deal

Conservative News Update:

Dutch Mayor wants Putin’s daughter deported from Holland for Malaysian Jet shoot down


Conservative News Update:

France says ‘extremists’ behind violent anti-Israel demos

Conservative News Update:

Remember this….

Conservative News Update:

Remember, the American people gave the Senate and House to the Democrats in 2006. This protected Iran from being attacked by George Bush for killing US Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I was begging George Bush and Israel to strike Iran before Obama took over, but they were afraid of the backlash that would come from Russia, China and their Democrat collaborators.

The Democrat takeover of the Senate and House also allowed Obamacare to be passed. All of your Tea Party heroes from Rush to Levin said Obamacare would never pass since it would be suicide for the Democrats. i disagreed with them and I was right.

I was the lone voice that predicted Obamacare would pass since Pelosi and Reid strategically planned which Democrats would be allowed to vote against it still leaving enough votes for it to pass. I was right and the experts were wrong.

I also predicted the 2012 election results almost exactly (I was only one point off) as Dick Morris predicted a Romney landslide. I warned that the election would be stolen via voter fraud and these Republicans are just trying to keep the ‘illusion’ of freedom alive that the people actually have a voice and a vote.

Nothing could be further from the truth.