Hugo Chavez Accuses Detained American of Being a Mercenary

Steve Cooper

I am surprised that this man would have Iraq and Afghanistan stamps on his passport if he really was a mercenary. That was not too smart if this is true. This is a lesson for you amateurs, get FORGED DOCUMENTS, because it worked for Obama.

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Wanted for Shooting NYPD Sergeant


$22,000 REWARD


John Thomas, 24, of Queens, NY


Wanted in shooting of NYPD – Union Hall St & 107Av  Queens, NY #103Pct

CALL (800) 577-TIPS

Joe Soptic’s wife is just one person

The C Monster@cnin

Joe Soptic’s wife is just one person. The Obama care death panel will kill many more people. – Steve Cooper

Police Officer Punished for Buying Chick-fil-A

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The Democrats, Al Qaeda & the Muslim Brotherhood seem very friendly these days

The Democrats, Al Qaeda & the Muslim Brotherhood seem very friendly these days. Maybe that is why they handed over their boss to Obama? – Steve Cooper

Test of Fire: When a Government Tampers with Freedom by Cardinal Dolan

Steve Cooper

When a government tampers with a freedom so fundamental, one SHUDDERS to think what lies ahead. – Cardinal Dolan


The media spun the issue of forcing Catholic institutions to buy insurance that goes against their teachings into something that it was not. The Catholic church did not start this fight.

The fight was started by a radical Socialist that the media calls a ‘constitutional scholar’. Why does this ‘scholar’ refuse to release his college records?

This was an attack against Freedom of Religion…