PHOTOS: Someone replaced two American flags on the Brooklyn Bridge with mysterious white ones

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I keep saying that Obama will surrender to our enemies everyday. Don’t ever doubt what I say…sheep!

My take on the ‘so called’ NYPD ‘choke hold death’ in Staten Island

Conservative News Update:

The only thing on the side of the cop is the autopsy. The autopsy shows no damage to the throat or windpipe even though the move is banned. The choke or headlock was done to restrain rather than restrict breathing or crush the windpipe.

The man was obese with asthma. He should have went with the police to do the paperwork and he would have been released, but he chose to not comply. The media also isn’t reporting that the man allegedly was trying to break up a fight when the cops rolled up.

The cops defense will be “He was trying to use a headlock, but the man’s large size prevented it. This is why it accidentally slipped into a choke hold. The choke didn’t restrict breathing or damage his throat. The hold was released once the individual was restrained. The ‘intent’ was to control, rather than choke. The autopsy backs this claim up.

My shoulder is permanently disabled from trying to restrain a large man like this one in Staten Island. So, I have been in their shoes.

Putin Threat: “Russia to respond ‘adequately’ if NATO approaches it’s borders”

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Matt Drudge celebrates praise from Infowars



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Matt Drudge loses his credibility when he associates with Russia Today stooge, Alex Jones.

How could the US reign in Putin?

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Sanctions are a waste of time. The Dems talk about how poor Russia is as they make billions on oil sales per month. Nothing could be further from the truth. How do we strike the Kremlin a ‘blow to the heart’? Obliterate IRAN…

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Ron Paul defends Putin on Downed Malaysian Jet: “Putin is smarter than that”

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I warned about Ron Paul long ago….