Best Buy a CAIR Sponsor?

Steve Cooper


In April of 2012, Islamist Watch publicized that Best Buy was a “Platinum Sponsor” for a fundraising banquet for the CAIR chapter.

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Hamas Hands Out Candy Following Tel Aviv Bus Bombing

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Choke on it…. – Best Selling Kitchen Supplies

Fatwa to be issued against Pakistani Muslim girl that was shot in the head for supporting US

Author Mainuddinhaque

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The Muslim Imams involved would not say what punishment Malala Yousafzai will be charged with if she is found guilty of violating Islamic Law.

Where are the woman’s groups? They had no problem attacking Rush Limbaugh when he bashed the Democrat contraceptive spokeswoman… I forgot her name already. – Best Selling Kitchen Supplies

Video: Israeli Airstrike Flattens Hamas Commander’s House

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Apparently the IDF gave this Hamas commander a warning to evacuate his house with his family, because it was about to be bombed. So, he took video of his own house being bombed.

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Obama more flexible with Russia? Hamid Karzai orders the building of a Russian Cultural Center in Kabul

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The ENEMY is laughing at the USA and all of the blood spilled was for nothing.

It is obvious that Moscow’s interest after the withdrawal of NATO troops from Afghanistan, scheduled for 2014, will increase dramatically. – Best Selling Kitchen Supplies

Video: AP Reporter to State Dept Press Secretary on Gaza – “Your spinning silent as people are dying”

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AP reporter Matthew Lee sounds like he already has an opinion on the Israeli conflict. I think this man needs to switch to DECAF. – Best Selling Kitchen Supplies

Weasel Zippers: Hamas drags body of Israeli spy

Steve Cooper

Weasel Zippers (@weaselzippers) tweeted at 11:19 AM on Tue, Nov 20, 2012:
Picture: Hamas Drags Body Of Man Accused Of Being A “Spy” Through Streets In Gaza…

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