Is The Conservative Monster about to be BLACKLISTED by Google?

Steve Cooper


“This is not about ‘left wing vs right wing’. This is about ‘Communism vs Anti-Communism’.” – Steve Cooper

I will find out on Sept. 29th, 2012 if The Conservative Monster will be banned from making revenue by Google. I was counting on Google ads to support me financially as The Conservative Monster grows more popular.

I don’t have a rich father or George Soros supporting me. So, Google’s threat to ban this site from earning revenue is a ‘DEATH BLOW’ to The Conservative Monster’s future. My right to earn is being blocked, because of my speech? I am possibly being banned for writing an  editorial? With all of the vile material that is on the Internet? That is disgraceful.

I could create a new site with a new name, but that will just be targeted the same way this site was. This is freedom? I warned you all that the censorship of communism is already here, but many Tea Party rookies think they know it all. Well, I will be proven correct if this site is banned tomorrow. Now you really know why Romney and the Republicans are afraid of these people.

I am obviously being targeted, because I dared to link Leftist Democrats as enablers of Russian sponsored Muslim terrorism. I also called for Hillary Clinton’s resignation for failing to secure the Libyan Consulate on 9/11/12. I obviously struck the TRUTH NERVE. Google’s threatening letter was very general and there was no return email address or phone number to call.

I am unsure if the bloodied photo of Ambassador Stevens was the problem, but that photo has been shown all over the news and it is on Google’s own image search engine.


So, I removed the photo, BUT I refuse to edit one word of that editorial. I will NOT allow Google or anyone else to censor my writing or intimidate me.

I will decide what to do after Google makes their decision tomorrow. I might leave the site up until after the election; then just take it down and get a refund. The Conservative Monster is like 2 full time jobs and I can’t put that much time into something that is not paying my bills. Nine years of research and hard work will go down the drain.

I will find something else to do, but I am limited since I was seriously injured when I was a police officer. I can no longer do construction or teach martial arts.

So, 24 hours from now I will know more.

Threat from Google to Ban The Conservative Monster from Advertising Best Sellers – Computers

Muslim Movie Creator was Born in Egypt

Steve Cooper

The C Monster (@cnin) tweeted at 6:40 PM on Thu, Sep 27, 2012:

The man that made the Muhammad movie was born in Egypt. Notice that Useful Idiot Obama fails to mention that detail? Staged! #tcot

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Israeli PM Netanyahu’s Full UN Speech – Sept. 27, 2012

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Steve Cooper


What a great speech from a strong leader.

The threat coming from Iran is very real. Russia and China are using Iran as a proxy to destroy the USA, Capitalism and Israel. Many people blame Israel for the terrorism against the USA, but that is just Communist propaganda. The Muslims want to destroy the USA regardless of Israel, because many of them have been brainwashed that Capitalism is the enemy of the world.

The red line that Netanyahu called for was around the Spring of 2013 or possibly sooner for Iran to abandon their nuclear program. Russian nuclear submarines are all over the Mediterranean since they have a port in Syria. So, Iran doesn’t even need nukes, because the Russians will back them up anyway.

Iran has been the #1 terrorist state in the world for many years and they must be dealt with. It is long overdue. Best Sellers – Computers

Brazil Detains Google Chief over Anti-Islam YouTube Clip | Fox News Latino

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Nutty Leftist Arrested for Spraying Graffiti Over Anti-Jihad Ad in NYC Subway


Steve Cooper


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Pamela Geller Grilled on CNN About Anti-Jihad NYC Subway Ad and Secretly Records Interview

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Pakistan’s President Calls for the UN to Ban Criticism of Islam

Steve Cooper

The Pakistani President Zardari called for a UN resolution to ban any speech against Islam that would be offensive to Muslims. These animals are offended by everything and anything.

WE find Muslims offensive when they behead, execute gays, blow up women and children (use them as human shields) and brutalize women.

Note to the Pakistani President: KEEP THOSE ANIMALS IN LINE…

If I rioted every time that I was offended; I would be rioting day and night, but I don’t riot day and night. Why? I am not a SAVAGE like the Muslims that kill daily around the world. Best Sellers – Computers

Hollywood Warming Up to Romney the Republican?

Steve Cooper

I see that not all of Hollywood are Jewish liberals. Maybe Obama’s anti-Israel tenancies were a wake up call to some? The guy sat in Jew hater, Rev. Wright’s church for 20 years. So, this really is not rocket science folks.

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