The Muslim Brotherhood – Al Qaeda Connection

Video of Ayman Zawahiri in jail after the Sadat assassination

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It is very interesting that Ayman Zawahiri was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood that assassinated Sadat and now he is the leader of Al Qaeda. Sadat turned his back on the Soviet Union by talking peace with the USA and Israel; costing him his life.

The Soviets had strong influence over Islamic terrorist organizations such as Islamic Jihad and the PLO, but these organizations are always changing their names for the purposes of deception. Today, the Russians just use the Iranian state as the proxy for their terror so their fingerprints are not left on anything.

The Obama Administration supports the Muslim Brotherhood knowing that they have ties to Al Qaeda, but nobody dares to mention the link. – Ayman al-Zawahir

Sadat’s assassination plotter remains unrepentant/

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Urban Infidel: Muslim Day Parade 2012

Muslim wears s photo of slain Ambassador Stevens at the NYC Muslim Parade. – Photo by

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Congressman Allen West: Obama Encouraged Middle East Violence

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Barack Hussein Obama Sr. Editorial Called for 100% Taxing of the Kenyan People

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I just finished watching 2016: Obama’s America and I thought it was very interesting. I knew most of what was reported in this documentary, but I did pick up a few details. Dinesh D’Souza was very methodical the way that he laid out the facts and it kept your attention for the most part.

D’Souza focused on the psychological damage that was done to Obama when he was a child due to his father leaving him at a young age. Plus, Obama was confused about life due to his Kenyan and American background, but learning that his father was a wife beating, drunk certainly didn’t help his self image.

It was interesting that D’Souza claims Obama would love to install the Communist vision of his father Barack Sr. by eventually imposing a 100% tax on the American people. Yes, that is right, 100%.


Barack Sr. wrote a Communist propaganda piece for a Kenyan Newspaper that called for a 100% tax of the people in exchange for Government services. This is your change?

I also found it interesting that Obama’s mother (a Muslim loving Communist like her son) left her husband Lolo Soetoro after he got a job for a California oil company. She became outraged when her husband sold out to Capitalism. Plus, he joined the Indonesian military to fight against the Communists and that was the final straw. So, she packed up her anti-Christ bound son (Barack Obama) and left Lolo Soetoro. I guess she didn’t want Barry Jr. to be exposed to something evil like Capitalism at such a young age. Very sad…

Obama’s mother felt that Communist Frank Marshall Davis was more of a role model that should influence her son instead. Frank Marshall Davis was on the FBI watch list as someone to be arrested immediately if war broke out against the Soviet Union. So, I guess Frank Marshall Davis was very connected and dangerous. You can read more about Frank Marshall Davis in the book called The Communist by Paul Kengor.

I believe that D’Souza didn’t tap into the Birther issue, because he didn’t want the movie to be blacklisted totally. He mentioned that Obama was born in Kapiolani Hospital in Hawaii that has never produced records to prove he was actually born there. D’Souza gave the Fox News ‘birth announcement newspaper’ excuse that proves nothing. That is like showing me a coupon to Walmart after I ask you for your birth certificate.

Plus, there was no mention of the literary agent that claimed Obama was born in Kenyan. Literary Pamphlet More Proof That Birth Certificate a Forgery

Look folks, you are a Communist if you vote for Obama after watching this documentary. Don’t give me any of your Democrat or Libertarian lies and crap, because you got the wrong one. I am onto you all.


Obama’s America: Unmaking the American Dream by Dinesh D’Souza

I highly recommend this book as well. I interviewed the author Don Fredrick and it was fascinating. The Obama Timeline: From his Birth in 1961 Through his First 100 Days in Office Best Sellers – Computers

Muslim Brotherhood Ad Links Funding to Obama

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Pamela Geller Grilled on CNN About Anti-Jihad NYC Subway Ad and Secretly Records Interview

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Pamela Geller did an excellent job in this interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett. I have to admit that Erin Burnett is very crafty, but Pam stood her ground. Operatives like Burnett are very dangerous, because she has studied her propaganda and talking points.

Geller outsmarted CNN and Burnett in the end, because she secretly recorded the interview and comments that were EDITED out of the final production.

It is outrageous that leftists like Burnett are attacking Pamela Geller as Muslims are raping, murdering and plotting how to kill thousands of civilians daily. At one point Burnett asked Geller this question about the controversial NYC Subway ad:

Yes, I know that you have the right to post that ad, but should you?


Here is a copy of the controversial ad where Geller called Muslim Jihadists “Savages”.


These leftists want everyone to sit in the corner cowering to Muslim thugs that are holding the world hostage. Leftists protect Muslim terrorists, because they are being used as a proxy to weaken American Capitalism via costly wars. This is the real reason why leftists like Burnett defend Muslims and ‘imply’ that people like Geller are ‘racist. These are typical Communist propaganda talking points.

NY Magazine also attacked the ad by sarcastically saying “Now is the perfect time for an anti-Muslim subway ad” – NY Mag is correct, now is the perfect time for this ad, because these Muslims need to behave or they need to be dealt with severely.

Cowards like General Dempsey embolden the enemy by calling Pastor Terry Jones in Florida to censor their free speech to appease the enemy. Shame on Dempsey, he is a disgrace to the uniform and he needs to resign immediately.

Geller claims that her comments about CAIR and Hamas were edited out of the CNN interview and she posted the transcript on her website.

More from Pamela on the subway ad and CNN interview Best Sellers – Computers

Ads criticizing Jihad bound for New York City subway stations

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