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Ron Paul: Lobbyist for Iran?

Steve Cooper


When SOCIALIST Dennis Kucinich calls someone an ‘American patriot’ on the House floor; you know that person is really a Benedict Arnold…. Ron Paul.

Ron Paul is trying to brainwash the Tea Party that he infiltrated into a large anti-war, anti-Israel movement just like I have been saying over and over and over.

The Republicans lack the guts to call out this left winger that has infiltrated their party, because they are embarrassed and afraid. How are the Republicans supposed to beat Obama when they are afraid of Ron Paul, the Iranian Ambassador?

Iran has been killing US Troops since the attack on the USMC in Lebanon. Most of the blood that was spilled in Iraq, Afghanistan and on 9/11 was directly linked to Iran.

Iran is a Russian proxy of terror. So, what does that make Ron Paul? You tell me…





Ahmadinejad the Democrat?



Steve Cooper

Ahmadinejad mocks Romney….

Notice that the American liberals will not call Ahmadinejad a bigot for his comment towards Romney about looking for “pennies for his campaign” from Israel? Why are the liberals not attacking Ahmadinejad for this Jew hating comment? Iran and the American Liberals share something in common; they are allies in the ‘war against Capitalism’.

Many Jewish American Democrats believe that Socialism comes before religion and they have no problem betraying Israel to advance the agenda. They believe that they can buy or collaborate their way out of the next Holocaust? Sadly mistaken…

Ahmadinejad is a DEMOCRAT SURROGATE….

The Palestinians are Upset with Romney, Because He is Not a Collaborator with the Enemy

OF COURSE a bunch of terrorists want Barack HUSSEIN Obama to remain in office.

Moscow Dismisses EU Syria Sanctions

Russia will not participate in the EU sanctions against Syria and will not allow the inspection of ships sailing under its flag,

An Attack on Iran would Lead to a ‘Chain of Events’

Steve Cooper

I have stated many times that:

“An attack on Iran by Israel would lead to a ‘chain of events’ that would devastate the global economy”. It is eerie that Former U.S. National Security Adviser Brzezinski made almost the exact same statement



Former U.S. National Security Adviser Brzezinski has warned that an attack on Iran could lead to a series of events that “devastate” the global economy.


My theory is that there will be a staged world war now that the Russians have Obama the KGB operative as President. Bush didn’t go by the Communist playbook and that upset Moscow, but Obama IS.


This is the entire newsletter:

Dear Newsmax Reader:

The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Mike Rogers, has now stated publicly that Iran and its agents masterminded the recent terror attack on Israeli tourists in Bulgaria.

Rogers stated flatly: “I believe there were certainly elements of Hezbollah [involved] and I believe it was under the direction of their masters in Iran.”

And former UN Ambassador John Bolton has urged Israel to retaliate directly against Iran for this barbaric attack.

Such an attack, experts fear, could escalate quickly into a wider military action against Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

Meanwhile, Iran is also ratcheting up its support for Syria’s Assad regime.

“The Iranian people have an unchangeable stance on Syrians and will always stand by them,” Iran’s Vice President Rahimi said this week.

Iran appears to be on a collision course with Israel, the U.S. and other Western allies.

The implications of a crisis in Iran are grave. Former U.S. National Security Adviser Brzezinski has warned that an attack on Iran could lead to a series of events that “devastate” the global economy.

LIGNET, Newsmax’s global intelligence and forecasting service, has just released a special online briefing featuring former CIA Director Michael Hayden and other experts on the implications of a crisis with Iran.

Also please read the information below.