Syrian Massacres Fueled by Russian Oil?

But Russia is our ALLY? Sure…….

The collapse of the USSR was for deception purposes, but the average American has been brainwashed to reject this theory. Glenn Beck never wrote it on his blackboard when he was on Fox News. So, the sheep refuse to absorb the facts.

Radical Islam Joins the DNC


I have been saying for years that the Socialists and Muslims are united to destroy Capitalism. Jewish Americans that vote Democrat are traitors to Israel. I know this, because I have spoken to many Israeli’s and I know how they feel about this.

The sheep will learn :)

Is Israel planning an EMP attack on Iran?

Steve Cooper

Will Israel strike Iran with an EMP attack?

I agree that this theory very possible…

An EMP attack is when a powerful exploding missile is detonated over a country that creates an electromagnetic pulse. This pulse will destroy all electronics instantly including cars and planes.

Ayatollah: We will burn Tel Aviv ‘into ashes’


These bastards are pure evil…incinerate them already.


Israel to attack Iran before 2012 election?

We heard the same thing in 2008….

Suicide Car Bomber Blows Up Near Syrian Check Point


How much you want to be that he was a Ron Paul supporter?

Obama Warns Syria Not to Cross the Red Line

Steve Cooper

I believe that Obama meant to say to Syria not to cross the ‘line in the sand’ rather than “red line’. So, we heard all of this WMD talk from the Democrats during the Clinton and Bush years.

The Democrats started their betrayal and undermining once George W Bush approved for US Troops to invade Iraq. I suspect that George HW Bush saw the Democrat and Russian betrayal coming and that is why he decided to withdraw the troops once Kuwait was liberated. He knew it was a trap.

The Democrats lied and troops died…

How does Syria have the largest WMD stock pile all of the sudden? I guess that was a gift given to them by the Russians and Saddam before he was executed?

Are the Democrats plotting a ‘staged’ war with our enemies as a distraction for the bad economy? I also believe the ultimate goal is to justify to the American people that world government and acceptance of Socialism is the only hope for WORLD PEACE.

Russia, China warn West on Syria after Obama threats – Yahoo! News Canada

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