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Will Ron Paul Blame Syria’s Violence on American Foreign Policy?

Steve Cooper


Russian foreign policy is the problem in Syria. It has nothing to do with American foreign policy. Ron Paul is a disgrace and that man needs to be bounced from the Republican Party. They better not let that A-hole speak at the Convention. Paul’s followers are radical left wing Jew haters anyway that will never vote for a Mormon “Warmonger Neo-con”.


I also find it interesting that Syria has such a massive WMD stockpile all of the sudden. Does Iraq ring a bell?

The Democrats lied and troops died…..

Report: Ex-Gitmo detainee is not Bulgaria suicide bomber

Report: Ex-Gitmo detainee is not Bulgaria suicide bomber


A website called The Right Scoop reported that the bomber was released from Gitmo, but that report is being denied by Swedish and Intelligence officials.

Leftists Accuse Bachmann and Sununu of McCarthyism

McCathyism tactics are long overdue, but the real question is “Why are leftists so afraid of McCarthyism”?



Bachmann states an aide of Hillary Clinton had family members that belonged to the Muslim Brotherhood

Muslim Terrorist that Bombed Israeli Tourists in Bulgaria had Fake Michigan ID

Why am I not shocked that this terrorist had fake ID from Michigan. I bet he was going to vote for Obama too…

U.S. & Russian Barbs are Deception?

I have been saying for many years that the Democrat party is in bed with our mortal enemies. Yes, even the ones behind 9/11. Sure, they threw Obama a bone, Bin Laden’s head, but that is because he is cooperating with the dismantling of capitalism. The GOP fears that the Dems are such strong allies with Russia and the Muslim terrorists. Don’t listen to the media reports about Russia and the USA trading barbs, because it is just DECEPTION. – Steve Cooper