Lame Duck: The death of Bin Laden hasn’t changed terrorism

Conservative News Update:

I was recently watching a documentary on Seal Team Six and it seemed to be more like a DNC commercial for Obama instead.

Bin Laden was a lame duck anyway and you have watched Rambo too many times if you believe the stories being told about the raid on Bin Laden.

My Opinion:

The Muslim world threw Obama a bone since he was taking so much heat at home on his birth certificate, the economy and Obamacare. So, Pakistan opened up their borders for one night to let the Navy Seals get rid of Bin Laden since he was a lame duck that outlived his usefulness. Bin Laden wasn’t behind operations any longer.

Why? Obama needed some more credibility on the street; he needed an accomplishment and the Muslims helped him since he is their ally.

Pakistan NEVER brings up how Obama illegally entered their airspace, because they really allowed it to happened. They huffed and puffed a bit to cover for their collaboration with Obama. The arrest of the Doctor was probably another cover story as well.

Why is there no talk about getting Ayman Zawahiri, the new #1 leader of Al Qaeda? The answer is that Zawahiri has been a Russian Agent for many years and Putin is protecting him. He is off limits.

The Democrat Party has proven their allegiance to Iran, the Taliban and Al Qaeda over the years when they undermined the Iraq War or any action against Iran. So, don’t let the drone attacks fool you. Those leaders were surgically removed because they pissed someone off. They were approved sanctioned hits from within. Plus, it makes great propaganda to fuel more Muslim hatred against the US.

Is Libertarian Messiah, Rand Paul against drones, because he wants to protect Americans or Muslim terrorists? Never trust a nutty Libertarian that defends Iran and that Berkeley students applaud.

Now, Obama has released 5 top Al Qaeda connected, Taliban terrorists from Gitmo for one US Soldier that was a deserter. Once again, this proves Obama has a cozy relationship with the Taliban and Al Qaeda. Joe Biden once stated that the Taliban was ‘our ally’ and boy he wasn’t joking.



Obama visits Poland, but the fear of Russia remains

Conservative News Update:

Obama withdrew all troops from Iraq and Afghanistan to boost support to Poland? Didn’t Obama tell us Russia is ‘our friend’?

The Ukrainian crisis was an alarming wake up call for Poles and their comments are reported in this interesting article from Radio Free Europe.

Putin’s aggressive chess moves are a signal to Europe that NATO can’t protect them from what is coming. I have read this propaganda many times in the Russia media over the years.

Russia to Test Two Bulava Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles This Autumn

Conservative News Update:

Putin is testing nuclear missile launches as the US Military tests enlisting gays. What difference does it make?

Russia Today skit ridicules Israel

Conservative News Update:

I’m curious if RT ridicules Muslims, Islam or Allah?

Pacific Fleet Warships Head to Shanghai for Russia-China Drills

Conservative News Update:

Pacific Fleet Warships Head to Shanghai for Russia-China Drills

Russia condemns US ‘Iron Curtain’ sanctions

Conservative News Update:

Putin wants to convince the Russian people that the US is a grave threat to their national security.

Any American (or European) that doesn’t know Russia is a grave threat (via their Iranian terror proxies) is brain dead!

Should the US Congress vote to shut down Russia Today News from US Airwaves?

Conservative News Update:

Obama keeps shooting off his mouth about sanctions against Russia, but does he have the guts to shut down RT known as Russia Today in America?

It is time for the US Congress to vote to ban Russia Today from the US markets since they are clearly acting as an ‘arm of the enemy’ and they are operating on US soil.

Oh, Russia Today is one of Rand Paul’s biggest supporters…