NATO, 9/11 and the Arctic Oil

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

I have posted about this many times before. This is just an outline to inform those that might have missed it.

Russian fighter jets have invaded Alaskan, Canadian, British and Norway air space numerous times since 2006. They also buzzed a US Navy warship last year. Russia also filed a claim with the UN that the Arctic is their Sovereign territory disputing that they have to share it with Canada, the USA, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, and Finland. 

Canadian troops have been on high alert the past few years. None of this has been reported in the American media, only in Europe and Canada.

China has also buzzed the US Navy as well.

There is an agenda to keep the American people in the dark about these incidents, but the people of Eastern Europe and Canada are well aware of it.

The Washington Times reported that Russian fighter jets happened to be doing military exercises in the Atlantic and Pacific on 9/11/01. I believe that these exercises were acting as decoys so the hijacked jets could strike their targets. As far as I know, the Washington Times was the only major news outlet that reported this.

VP Cheney was in charge of NORAD on 9/11/01, because I believe that they suspected an Al Qaeda terror attack was approaching soon. Bush and Cheney were probably worried about Russian fighter jets firing missiles as a follow up to an Al Qaeda Attack.

Pravda, The Russian state media reported in July 2001 that an attack on America’s financial system would happen around August 19th, 2001. They missed the 9/11 attack date by only a few weeks. In the report the Russian people were warned to remove all American investments, because this ‘attack’ would cause a crash in the US Dollar.

This report in Pravda was several months after George Bush gave a speech stating that he intended on adding former Russian Republics Georgia and the Ukraine to join NATO. Putin saw this as a violation of the Warsaw Pact and an act of war. As far as I know, i am the only person to piece this information together linking GW Bush expanding NATO to the 9/11 attacks.

Ten years later and Georgia and the Ukraine still have not joined NATO. I guess the 9/11 attacks was a message from the Kremlin NOT TO GO THERE?

President Bush withdrew from a missile treaty with Russia two months after the 9/11 attacks (Dec. 2001).–bush-withdraws-from-russian-missile-treaty-in-dec-2001.aspx

Russian jets shadow US Jets

Bush, NATO and 9/11 ––pre-911.aspx


Check my archives on Canada


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The next war for oil will be in the Arctic, not the Middle East

The next war for oil will be in the Arctic, not the Middle East 30/6138551/story.html

BP and Russia in Arctic oil deal

Once again, we see ties between BP and Russia. Read my archives for info on my theory regarding sabotage of the BP Gulf Oil Explosion.

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Chavez Endorses KGB Counterpart Obama

Chavez is the spokesman for Moscow. He gave Obama the endorsement last
week. A vote against Obama is a vote against world peace aka World
Communism. – Steve Cooper

I am sure that Chavez would be a fan of Ron Paul too…

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Judge: Obama eligible to be Georgia candidate

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

They all know Obama is NOT eligible, but you are witnessing what takes place under corrupt communist regimes. Injustice is the first sign of tyranny. Try to go to the Motor Vehicles Office without your proper ID and see what happens. You will be told to leave.

The fix is in for the birther issue and the NEXT ELECTION. Who will investigate the massive voter fraud that is about to take place? Romney will be silent just like John McLame was.

I knew the fix was in when the Joint Chiefs allowed an obvious Communist and domestic enemy with ties to terrorists like Bill Ayers to be sworn in on Jan. 2009. The Joint Chiefs allowed LTC Lakin to be thrown into prison for daring to seek answers in this obvious cover up. 

Russia and China have every secret that USA possesses. It is safe to say that Obama shared every secret with them the same way that Clinton and Gore did with China.  

You can thank your heroes Glenn Beck and Ron Paul, the great Constitutionalists for sweeping the Eligibility issue under the Libertarian rug. They aided Obama…..


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Syrian First Lady Emails Left Wing Newspaper

Who does the enemy contact when the need some good PR? The American left Wing Media…

The NY Times

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Russia Shorts Gas Supply to Europe During Deadly Freeze

Russia Shorts Gas Supply to Europe During Deadly Freeze

Once again using gas as a weapon…..

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American Liberal Jews are sadly mistaken if they think they can buy their way out of the next Holocaust


I posted this article two days ago and now WND reports this. I am always ahead of them all…great job by WND.

Ron Paul insists that terrorism is the fault of the USA and it’s policies? Israeli blood will be on Ron Paul’s hands and the hands of his radical Soviet thug followers. style=”font-size: 12px;”>

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