Who won the Cold War? Putin Arrives in Cuba

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Russia surpasses US gold production for first time in 25 years

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I wonder if Russia is pushing the gold production to back up the new BRICS currency?

‘Agent’ Snowden asks Moscow to extend his asylum in Russia

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Russia ‘concerned’ over large scale NATO drills in the Black Sea

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The Russians are trying to ‘set the tone’ to justify a preemptive nuclear strike against the US. as Obama plays golf.

“We haven’t seen such a large number of NATO ships since the USSR,” the source noted.


Unipolar World Model Failed – Putin

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Basically, Putin is saying ignore and ‘allow genocide’ for the good of the world.


Russia Sells $5.6Bln in Arms in First Half of 2014 – Putin

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BUT Russia is our friend? SHEEP …

Belarus also likes to sell weapons to some SHADY CHARACTERS….


Global Warmers have a ‘meltdown’ over the Koch Brothers

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