The Russian Media Has the American People Fooled

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

Many times I see Americans on the Internet praising the Russian media for reporting the truth about Obama. Of course, this is called ‘communist propaganda’. They are trying to incite the people into panic and revolution.

The Russians want the American people to believe that the Russians will liberate them from Obama’s coming tyranny, but these Russians will be far from liberators when they arrive. I have seen Libertarians begging Putin to invade the USA on the Internet to liberate America from Obama. I told this brainwashed Libertarian: “the Russians won’t be liberating you when they come. They will either make you a slave or execute you on the spot”.

Eastern Europeans fled Stalin’s Soviets and ran towards Hitler’s Nazi’s, because they feared the brutal Russians more than they feared the Germans. I guess they figured that their chances of surviving in a concentration camp was better than being shot in the head on site like the Russian soldiers did. Learn from history…

The Democrats are in bed with terrorists and criminals like Putin. Get ready for a ‘fake feud’ soon. The Communists want the American people to believe that Putin is against Obama’s tyranny, but he really supports it. This is the ultimate deception.

It is very fishy that Obama and Putin keep their distance publicly. They don’t want people to know how close they REALLY ARE. – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s
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Syria is a Basket Case? Why are they baiting Israel and the US into the Conflict?

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

Syrian troops firing at Israeli’s the other day proves that this entire Syrian conflict is distraction to create chaos in the region. Israel of course fired back at the Syrians. The ultimate goal is to put Israel into more danger.

Why would the Syrians want to pick a fight with Israel if Syria is such a basket case right now, UNLESS it is a trap to lure them into the chaos? Iran has been flying in weapons and probably terrorists too with the blessings of Russia.

Plus, the chemical weapons scare last week might have been done to bait the US into the chaos as well, but there is no doubt in my mind that the Democrats, the Russians, the Iranians and the Syrians are all on the same page.

The Democrats are orchestrating something with the Muslim enemies and Moscow to make Israel look like the bad guys once again. You can write this in STONE…

Remember when Hillary Clinton said “Assad must go”? Well Hillary is gone and Assad is still around.

Israel fires into Syria after Golan attack on troops – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s
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Drudge: Russia and China NWO

Drudge - NWO

Drudge – NWO


Communist propaganda has always been that US Imperialism is a danger to world peace. The Russians also like to let Europeans know that NATO can’t protect them and if you look at NATO today…they are correct.

The Iraq and Afghanistan wars were proxy wars against Russia and China no different than the Korean War and Vietnam. I have said this one million times, but people can’t grasp it, because they are brainwashed by the media to just see Islam as the enemy.

Next, Russia and China are using Syria, Iran and North Korea as proxies, but no analyst in the media would dare mention it.

Again, I am not going to kill myself repeating the same stuff over and over. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what is going on by now. KGB Agents have claimed that they could brainwash people to to see the sky as black; rather than being blue. This same technique was used via the media to deceive the American people that Communism and Russia wasn’t a threat any longer.

Obama, Biden and John Kerry ridiculed Mitt Romney when he stated that “Russia was the great geopolitical foe of the USA”, because the Democrats have already made a deal with the devil. The coming feud against Russia and China will be staged, because Obama is really a close friend of theirs, but the media will sell it to the sheep. The sheep will buy it…

Why is Poland begging for a missile shield? Iran is used as an excuse, but it is clearly to stop Russian missiles. It is just another lie (one of many) for public consumption…

This is a war against Capitalism and …the Communists are a heart beat away from GLORY. Reagan defeated the Soviet Union? Yeah…okay. – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

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DRUDGE: With US-Russia relationship toxic, Moscow looks to strengthen ties with China…

I predicted a STAGED fall out between Russia and the USA. Obama and Putin are really pals…

Hacker Sends Hillary Benghazi Emails to the Russian Media

Russia Today, Pravda and the Moscow Times have received the emails.

I told you all that the Russians hated Hillary and they would love to undermine her 2016 campaign dreams and so would Obama.

Russia Today


Economic Collapse? Russia Abandons Cyprus

Cyprus should confiscate Russian funds over $50,000 to pay for this mess…

Putin’s Authoritarian Allure in Europe

I predicted years ago that Russia would control Europe without even firing a shot. That day is coming and the Europeans know it. Europeans also know that the Russians are controlling Muslim terrorism via Iran unlike the brainwashed American idiots.

The Russians already control the Euro and the EU. Gas and oil have been used as a weapon in the past and it will only get worse.