Sanctions against Russia accelerate global shift away from U.S. dollar

Conservative News Update:

Maybe Bowe Bergdahl will replace John Kerry as Secretary of State one day?

Conservative News Update:

Over the years I have made many predictions (with accuracy) above and beyond any of your Tea Party or Fox News heroes that are worshiped daily. From Obamacare passing to predicting the 2012 Presidential Election exactly (I was one point off). Matt Drudge only posts links with no analysis, but he is still the best in the game. Matt Drudge’s downside is his support for closet Leftists such as Rand Paul and Alex Jones.

Yesterday, I had to remind a liberal that I predicted John Kerry would be the next Secretary of State back in 2010.

How did I know this? I was able to interpret messages within the Russian media after years of analyzing their propaganda. I understand that the DNC follows what the Kremlin desires and they wanted to make sure Hillary was not staying past 2012 (even though she stated she would leave).

I suspect Benghazi was a parting shot at Hillary Clinton to ensure that she left in Dec 2012. Benghazi also undermined Susan Rice from taking the position and this left the door open for long time Kremlin aide, John Kerry.

Maybe Bowe Bergdahl will replace John Kerry as Sec of State one day?

I tend to believe Bergdahl’s fellow soldiers account of his disappearance over what the media is spinning that he was AWOL. Everyone knows about ‘Swift Boat’ Kerry’s past since he makes Jane Fonda seem like a patriot!

So, Bergdahl would be perfect to be the next Secretary of State according to Obama’s standards (and the Kremlin). Bergdahl  and Kerry are much closer than you believe…

Jimmy Carter pushes US to recognize Hamas

Conservative News Update:

Jimmy Carter is living proof that the connection between far left Democrats and Iranian terrorist proxies such as Hamas is very real. The bottom line is they all take orders from the Kremlin.     


Putin asks government to develop countermeasures to Western sanctions

Conservative News Update:

Putin Sanctions Drive Away Banks as Loans Dry Up: Russia Credit – Bloomberg

Putin will first say “The sanctions are a threat to Russia’s stability and national security”. Then it will lead to stronger words like “declaration of war against Russia”.

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Edward Snowden reveals his anti-semitism?

Conservative News Update:

Post by RT.

Obama on CIA’s post-9/11 tactics: ‘We tortured some folks’

Conservative News Update:

Once again, Obama gives a sound bite to his pals in the Russian media. Remember, the Libertarians, Communists and Muslims all shared the same views on Iraq and torture, because they are comrades.

Torture? Every speech Obama gives is torture!