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PIPELINE EXPLOSION Blast interrupts Iraq-Turkey oil flow

BREAKING NEWS: PIPELINE EXPLOSION Blast interrupts Iraq-Turkey oil flow.

Iranian News and other sources are reporting about this ‘explosion’

Seeking to raise the price of oil? Maybe?


Russia Sending Warships and Marines to Syria?


Steve Cooper


There were also reports that the Russians already have soldiers on the ground guarding their ‘interests’. This is all part of the staged world war that I predicted between Obama and Putin.The media keeps playing up ‘tensions’ between the Kremlin and DC, but Putin and Obama are really on the phone giggling like schools girls about this all.

Stay tuned to this site…sheep.

47% See Obama as Extreme

Steve Cooper


47% of people polled claimed that they felt Obama was extreme, but what about the other blind fools that don’t see him as extreme?

You don’t need a Masters Degree in History to understand that the Democrat Party is intentionally pushing the USA into Socialism to appease Russia, China and the Muslims. Just ask someone that has FLED COMMUNISM.

This Monster fan gets it

The reason most libtardarians will vote for Ron Paul its because they want the same thing Obama does. Russia to be #1 — Teddy Haines (@Wethepeople4US)

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Ron Paul: Lobbyist for Iran?

Steve Cooper


When SOCIALIST Dennis Kucinich calls someone an ‘American patriot’ on the House floor; you know that person is really a Benedict Arnold…. Ron Paul.

Ron Paul is trying to brainwash the Tea Party that he infiltrated into a large anti-war, anti-Israel movement just like I have been saying over and over and over.

The Republicans lack the guts to call out this left winger that has infiltrated their party, because they are embarrassed and afraid. How are the Republicans supposed to beat Obama when they are afraid of Ron Paul, the Iranian Ambassador?

Iran has been killing US Troops since the attack on the USMC in Lebanon. Most of the blood that was spilled in Iraq, Afghanistan and on 9/11 was directly linked to Iran.

Iran is a Russian proxy of terror. So, what does that make Ron Paul? You tell me…





Putin: Let NATO Keep Fighting

Steve Cooper

Putin backs NATO’s operations now that pesky Capitalist George Bush is gone. Putin feels much more comfortable with Marxist Barack at the helm. After all, Barack should be more ‘flexible’ after the election.