Dinesh D’Souza educates liberals about slavery, the history of America and Saul Alinsky

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“There were black slave owners in the South; therefore this wasn’t a strictly black and white issue. America fought a ‘great war’ to resolve the issue” – Dinesh D’Souza

Watch this entire video, because these Liberals nearly drop dead when D’Souza mentions that Saul Alinksy learned his tactics of extortion from ‘the Mafia’ and Al Capone”


Leftists and Muslims unite in NYC for rally against Israel

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Press TV, the Iranian State run media should be banned from the US since Iran was actively involved with the 9/11 hijackers. 

Geraldo Rivera: “Drudge is trying to start a civil war with his coverage of the immigration crisis”

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Is The Conservative Monster blocked in Russia, China and Iran?

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The global traffic of The Conservative Monster is very interesting.

The Russian traffic has dropped ‘drastically’ since last year. I suspect the site is blocked from the Russian public and only Govt Officials can read it. The Russian traffic was high at one time.

The traffic from China barely exists as well and it is similar to the ‘present’ Russian traffic.

The traffic in Iran is ZERO. The Conservative Monster is blocked 100%. Maybe it is because the Conservative Monster is the only site that has the guts to expose the Iranian link to 9/11?

The traffic coming from Malaysia has jumped ‘big time’ the past several months due to the Malaysian Jet ‘disappearance’.



Is the Russian Media ‘Planting’ Conspiracy Theories Regarding Downed Malaysian Jet?

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This is classic ‘Soviet’ deception and misdirection…

Russian government ‘edits’ Wikipedia to blame Ukraine for Downed Malaysian Jet

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KC – Thanks for tip

Federal Judge Bans Use of Team Name ‘Redskins’ in Lawsuit Documents

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