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Was the Suspected Movie Theater Terrorist a Darwinist?

Steve Cooper




I have investigated the links between Atheism, Darwinism and Marxism for the past 5 years. Radical Darwinists are the most intolerant and hateful people that I have ever encountered on the Internet. I became fascinated by them and I noticed that many of them are highly intelligent and deeply into Science just like James Holmes, but they have an evil side to them due to their belief that God doesn’t exist. Mix this with brainwashing on Marxist revolution and you can get easily create a mass murderer.




Why is nobody in the media questioning the Liberal Academia that educated James Holmes? He is their Frankenstein. Che Guevara wasn’t a nutcase? Pol Pot? Castro? They were well educated Marxists and mass murderers.

Did James Holmes idolize Darwin, Guevara, Lenin? His college records need to be opened or will they seal them like Obama’s? – Steve Cooper



1. I see no signs that this left wing loon believed in God. People that believe in God would not slaughter innocent people in a movie theater; unlike Islam. So, the Liberals can’t blame this on Christians or the anti-abortion crowd like they would love to.


2. I have butted heads with Atheists and Darwinists many times over the years. Most of them are haters and life means nothing to them, because they don’t have God in their lives. Their lives are empty.


3. Many of these science gurus like Holmes tend to be Atheists, because their Marxist professors brainwashed them to be Atheists.


4. Atheism is the driving force behind the Marxist movement. Lenin even stated “Our program necessarily includes the propaganda of atheism”.


5. Many Marxist Revolutionaries are also Atheists. Marxist Revolutionaries seek to “kill to bring about change” and that is why Marxist-Leninist Radicals are on the list of Homeland Security terrorists along with other Revolutionaries.


6. What does an unemployed, angry Marxist Revolutionary do when they can’t find a job? They take it out on SOCIETY.


Why is nobody in the media questioning the Liberal Academia that educated James Holmes? He is their Frankenstein.


I dare the media to look at James Holmes essays on Marx and Darwin. They won’t, because this is the bedrock of college brainwashing.


Here is more on my theory that the suspected Colorado mass murderer fits the profile of a Marxist Revolutionary






John McCain and the Media Using PC Thug Tactics Against Michele Bachmann?

Steve Cooper


First, here is an article from where they interview terrorism expert Walid Shoebat. Shoebot claims in the interview that Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin has family ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.


The Dark Muslim Brotherhood World of Huma Abedin


John McCain was WRONG to attack Michele Bachmann’s allegation that a Hillary Clinton aide has family ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Wolf Blitzer also attacked Bachmann yesterday. Notice, they all say that these allegations are ‘dangerous’, but they never prove that Huma Abedin family is NOT linked to the Muslim Brotherhood.

The media and RINO stooges like John McCain are trying to censor free speech and silence the truth with their PC thug tactics. Now do you understand how the USA has been flooded with Marxists and Muslim infiltrators?


Notice that this MSNBC page is called ‘Leanforward’? This is the office Obama page for MSNBC.


Leftists Accuse Bachmann and Sununu of McCarthyism

U.S. & Russian Barbs are Deception?

I have been saying for many years that the Democrat party is in bed with our mortal enemies. Yes, even the ones behind 9/11. Sure, they threw Obama a bone, Bin Laden’s head, but that is because he is cooperating with the dismantling of capitalism. The GOP fears that the Dems are such strong allies with Russia and the Muslim terrorists. Don’t listen to the media reports about Russia and the USA trading barbs, because it is just DECEPTION. – Steve Cooper

Former Navy SEAL Launches PAC To Fight Obama


Steve Cooper


Since 9/11, Democrats have said; “These wars can only be won ‘diplomatically’ and not militarily”. What did they mean by this?

The Democrats knew that 9/11 was a warning to the West to dismantle Capitalism or else. Obama is abiding by that order coming from Russia and China. This is why Obama is being allowed to make gains in the war on Terror that Bush was not allowed to make. The Russians opened up their air space for the Obama Administration to bring supplies to the troops, but the Bush Administration was not allowed this little gift. Why is that?


Why does Obama have a right to believe that he deserves credit for the Bin Laden raid?

My opinion is that Obama was given the EXCLUSIVE right to enter into Pakistan to kill Bin Laden as a reward for his dismantling of America from within. George Bush would never have been given this EXCLUSIVE right to enter Pakistan, because it would have been seen as a WW III provocation by Russia and China. Obama was guaranteed that he will not suffer any consequences for entering Pakistan and he did not.


You have seen Rambo too many times if you believe that Seal team 6 flew into the most heavily guarded neighborhood in Pakistan and it wasn’t pre-approved by Obama and the Pakistani’s. The American people believe almost anything that they are told is this is how a Marxist got into the White House.


This Former Navy Seal, Ryan Zinke is a true warrior, because he understands that U.S. troops died fighting against communism and here we are just ONE CRISIS away from sinking into it.

Netanyahu: Iran Did It

Steve Cooper


Today, Israel blamed Iran for blowing up a bus filled with Israeli tourists on vacation in Bulgaria. I give Netanyahu credit for blaming Iran rather than their terror proxy Hezbollah.

Iran is a cancer to the world and they have acted as a terror proxy of the Russians and Chinese  since the late 70′s. The media and the U.S. Government allow Iran to hide behind organizations like Hezbollah, Hamas and Al Qaeda.

The US Government has been taken over by a bunch of Soviet thugs that walk around calling themselves Democrats. These thugs whisper with our enemies behind closed doors. Israel is on their own and the world is depending of them to clean house in the Middle East.

Where is Ron Paul and his merry band of Jew hating, Libertarian followers now?,7340,L-4257558,00.html