Obama: JFK or KGB?

Steve Cooper



The Russians want to open a Naval Base in Cuba? The chess pieces are falling into place. Do you really believe the November elections will be legit? The Tea Party rookies still don’t get it, because they refuse to look outside the box.

These Glenn Beck sheep run from my page, because this is only site that really “Questions with Boldness”.

Putin and his Muslim buddies in Iran want Obama to be re-elected no matter how much they bitch about him publicly.


Judge prevents release of James Holmes school records

Steve Cooper



This court order by the judge blocks the University of Colorado from releasing the school records of James Holmes (the suspected Colorado shooter) has been something that I have been calling for. This court order seems to only be against the University of Colorado and not against the University of California where Holmes was a student also.

The media and their paid shrinks seem fixated now on the Neuroscience program for some reason. I believe that this is a distraction from looking elsewhere in Holmes’s school records. There seems to be claims that a possible incident happened at the Univ. of Colorado that sparked Holmes to drop out of the school. Still, his entire academic history needs to be examined. Especially any essays that were written on Darwinism, Society or Karl Marx, but I have a feeling that will never be released.

I was the only journalist calling for the school records to be released and examined thoroughly as the script readers in the media would just call Holmes “deranged, lost, a loner and crazy”. Yesterday a former classmate stated that the media allegations that Holmes was a ‘loner’ are false, because he was not a loner.

I have a feeling that James Holmes’s school records will be hidden in a vault next to Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate.


Left Wing Blogs Celebrate that Canadians are Richer than Americans

Steve Copoper

Why do Democrats lie about them being socialists and communists? The propaganda that is being spewed by ‘the left’ on the Internet is clearly a war against capitalism that is 100% Communist. Their agenda is obvious.

Do these commies take into account that the population of the USA is much higher than it is in Canada? The US population is 10 times higher than it is in Canada. Canada only has 34 million people as compared to the US population of 300 million and growing.

The US Government is already going broke and it can not sustain 300 million people or even half of that number. This is why the Elitist thugs want as much abortion and restrictions of freedom on the people, because they believe that they own you all.

The propaganda to get people off of eating meat to save the environment is really a way of saying “You peasants eat dirt; as we fly in our private jets eating caviar and filet mingon”.

Why are the Democrats and their communist plants in the media hiding their agenda if it is that much better than Capitalism? The answer is that “it is a scam”, a lie”. Socialism enslaves the people better than Capitalism and that is why the Elite support it and Obama.

This is really about power and control over the people.


Jail Guard Comments About James Holmes: “We are not buying his act in here”

Steve Cooper



Every idiot in the media that I have seen the past week reporting about the Colorado shooting suspect James Holmes believed his ‘crazy act’. Don’t try to tell me that the media has to be impartial, because these Obama loving frauds are far from impartial.

This Daily News report reports that one of the workers inside the jail that is holding James Holmes states “Nobody is buying his act” when asked about Holmes being crazy or having amnesia.

I confronted Fox News shrink Keith Ablow on his Facebook page about him claiming that a possible tumor could have caused this violent outburst. That is ridiculous since Holmes allegedly planned this attack for months.

I left a comment on Ablow’s page asking “How come nobody in the media is asking to see college essays by Holmes about society, politics, Darwin or Marx?” Ablow has been MIA from that post since…


Official: Israel will act if militants raid Syrian chemical or biological weapons stocks

Steve Cooper



These chemical weapons belonged to SADDAM…

The Democrats voted for a war and then they lied to undermine the troops once the boots were on the ground. Kennedy and Murtha should be burning in hell right now.

The Democrats are the West Wing of Moscow, because they are protecting Russia’s involvement with moving Saddam’s WMD’s to Syria. Bush kept this secret to avoid a larger conflict with KGB Putin and his Democrat affiliates.

I have spoken to many ‘anonymous’ soldiers that were in Iraq and they know Saddam had the WMD’s, but they are not allowed to say it publicly due to the Communist conspiracy to lie about it. This is a free country?


Old Classmate States Media Reports About James Holmes Being a Loner are False

Steve Cooper
The media has been portraying James Holmes as a ‘loner’ since day one, because they are trying to influence and brainwash people into accepting the lie that Holmes is ‘crazy’. Why was the media reporting false information? I never reported that Holmes was a loner, because I didn’t have the facts and I didn’t believe the initial reports.

Anyone that allegedly plans a ‘terror attack’ this complex knows exactly what he is doing. I am not buying the crazy act that Holmes displayed inside the courtroom in the other day.