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Michael Savage: It is Time to Investigate Un-American Activites – Bring Back HUAC

Michael Savage – Feb 2010

Retired Military Officer Running for Congress: Obama and His Insurgents are the Gravest Threat to National Security. Bring Back HUAC to Investigate Infiltration

Ahmadinejad the Democrat?



Steve Cooper

Ahmadinejad mocks Romney….

Notice that the American liberals will not call Ahmadinejad a bigot for his comment towards Romney about looking for “pennies for his campaign” from Israel? Why are the liberals not attacking Ahmadinejad for this Jew hating comment? Iran and the American Liberals share something in common; they are allies in the ‘war against Capitalism’.

Many Jewish American Democrats believe that Socialism comes before religion and they have no problem betraying Israel to advance the agenda. They believe that they can buy or collaborate their way out of the next Holocaust? Sadly mistaken…

Ahmadinejad is a DEMOCRAT SURROGATE….

Mayor of DC Spews Intolerance Against Free Speech on Twitter

Steve Cooper


It is shocking that a Mayor of any American city would promote hate and intolerance against free speech. These Soviet tactics are disgraceful and this man should resign from office. Where are the liberals in the media? They are supposed to be for free speech, but they are NOT. They are only for free speech that promotes their communist agenda.

On Twitter, Mayor Gray also complained about Chick Fil A donating money to ‘anti-gay groups’, but it is no problem for Organizations to donate money to ‘anti-capitalist, pro-Marxist’ groups?

A Mayor is supposed to represent ALL of the people and not just those that agree with their radical leftist agenda. Obama said that he was against gay marriage, but nobody is calling him a BIGOT.

The Iranians execute gays, but this Mayor is worried about a RESTAURANT….

The Palestinians are Upset with Romney, Because He is Not a Collaborator with the Enemy

OF COURSE a bunch of terrorists want Barack HUSSEIN Obama to remain in office.