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The latest Ft Hood shooting wasn’t a ‘false flag’

Conservative News Update:

Hysterical Libertarians shout false flag after every mass shooting, but they are really trying to cover for the brainwashing of people to act as ‘Revolutionaries’. The goal is to create chaos and anarchy in society; therefore causing a ‘dictatorship’. This is why Liberals and Libertarians ‘admire’dictators like Vladmimir Putin and they defended others such as Saddam Hussein.  


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CNN Viewer Communications Management Answers Facebook Complaint on Malaysian Jet Reports

Conservative News Update:

cnn fb

Some Ohio State students upset that extremist Chris Matthews drafted as commencement speaker

Conservative News Update:

What a disgrace….

Ft Hood shooting suspect Spc. Ivan Lopez was being treated for depression

Conservative News Update:

Fox News is reporting that Ft Hood shooter Spc. Ivan Lopez was on medication for depression. It is time to re-evaluate these psych meds since many of the mass shooters in the past were also taking them. The meds numb the pain of depression, but they also numb the ability to reason when these killing machines are shooting 15 people.

I am curious if Spc. Ivan Lopez voted Democrat. I wouldn’t be shocked if he did…

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is speechless

Conservative News Update:

Grocery Giant Kroger Moves To Disarm Security Guards

Conservative News Update:

Well Kroger’s will be an easy target for armed robberies then. Feel safer shopping there now?