Extremist teachers union leader threatens to ‘punch’ anyone that wants to get rid of Common Core

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From the Daily Caller:


Leftist protest against Jewish Diamond District ‘backfires’ in NYC

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TY Jason :)

The brainwashed vermin from Columbia and NYU got more than they bargained for?

Liberal Hollywood’s influence on “24″

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I am watching seasons of “24″ on Amazon. It is a great show of course, but liberal Hollywood has embedded the usual propaganda such as: Profiling against Muslims, Truther conspiracies that blame terrorism on the US Govt and talking points about torture.

The show also portrays Russia as an ally of the US, but at times they do show the potential of a ‘Russian threat’.

It’s also interesting that Middle East nations allegedly linked to Muslim terrorist groups (Iran, Pakistan or Saudi Arabia) are never mentioned by name.


Dinesh D’Souza educates liberals about slavery, the history of America and Saul Alinsky

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“There were black slave owners in the South; therefore this wasn’t a strictly black and white issue. America fought a ‘great war’ to resolve the issue” - Dinesh D’Souza

Watch this entire video, because these Liberals nearly drop dead when D’Souza mentions that Saul Alinksy learned his tactics of extortion from ‘the Mafia’ and Al Capone”


Leftists and Muslims unite in NYC for rally against Israel

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Press TV, the Iranian State run media should be banned from the US since Iran was actively involved with the 9/11 hijackers. 

Nancy Pelosi heckles Republican during immigration speech on the House Floor

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From -http://www.ijreview.com

Ex CIA Officer Michael Scheuer ‘loses his cool’ on Fox News

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Michael Scheuer is always on Fox News calling everyone ‘mam’ and ‘sir’, but that went out the window when Geraldo Rivera defended Bill Clinton.