A ‘useful idiot’ on Fox News asks “Why Conservatives think Obama is a Muslim”

Conservative News Update:

A ‘useful idiot’ was on Fox News this morning wondering why Conservatives ‘believe’ Obama is a Muslim. Maybe it is because Obama grew up in Indonesia, studied Islam in a Madrasa, ate dog meat and his middle name is HUSSEIN?

Who won the Cold War? Putin Arrives in Cuba

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Michael Savage: “Glenn Beck is pandering to illegal aliens; there has been a ‘Communist coup’ in this country”

Conservative News Update:

This is classic Michael Savage…….

REMEMBER, Glenn Beck sided with Obama on the Birther Issue. Now he is siding with Obama on immigration?

Global Warmers have a ‘meltdown’ over the Koch Brothers

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Firm that ‘Vetted’ Edward Snowden gets huge Govt contract

Conservative News Update:

Obama punk’d the Tea Party Rookies again. I told you all that Snowden was a closet Obama-bot. So is Rand FRAUD! They are all loyal comrades for Vladimir Putin as well.

Every other week the media fools the sheep. It is quite amusing ….


POLL: Obama worst president since WWII

Conservative News Update:

The media lies and University brainwashing can’t even protect Obama at this point!