Dick Cheney: “Hillary Clinton is responsible for Benghazi”

Conservative News Update:

I have been saying Hillary is to blame for Benghazi since day one I have also been saying that she was ‘set up’ to derail her White House run by the crowd that wants Obama to stay forever.

Term limits? People will agree to throw out term limits once the World Communist crowd unleashes the next ‘global crisis’.

Bill O’ Reilly was blaming Panetta to protect Hillary. He is another Elitist, fraud stooge. Why do you think Barbara Walters and Obama even bother with Bill O’? He is controlled opposition.


Berkeley Prof: Terrorists Good, ‘Islamophobia’ Bad

Conservative News Update:

Now you know why these commies adore Rand Paul.


Russia condemns US ‘Iron Curtain’ sanctions

Conservative News Update:

Putin wants to convince the Russian people that the US is a grave threat to their national security.

Any American (or European) that doesn’t know Russia is a grave threat (via their Iranian terror proxies) is brain dead!


2013 – Professors target Dr Ben Carson for Rejecting Evolution

Conservative News Update:

Darwinism the Root of Liberal Racism?

Conservative News Update:

George Clooney storms out of dinner over Obama insult

Conservative News Update:

George Clooney went ballistic at a dinner after Steve Wynn said “Obama is an asshole”.

Clooney and Obama clearly aren’t in touch with the responsibilities of businessmen like Steve Wynn that employs thousands of people.