Former Navy SEAL Launches PAC To Fight Obama


Steve Cooper


Since 9/11, Democrats have said; “These wars can only be won ‘diplomatically’ and not militarily”. What did they mean by this?

The Democrats knew that 9/11 was a warning to the West to dismantle Capitalism or else. Obama is abiding by that order coming from Russia and China. This is why Obama is being allowed to make gains in the war on Terror that Bush was not allowed to make. The Russians opened up their air space for the Obama Administration to bring supplies to the troops, but the Bush Administration was not allowed this little gift. Why is that?


Why does Obama have a right to believe that he deserves credit for the Bin Laden raid?

My opinion is that Obama was given the EXCLUSIVE right to enter into Pakistan to kill Bin Laden as a reward for his dismantling of America from within. George Bush would never have been given this EXCLUSIVE right to enter Pakistan, because it would have been seen as a WW III provocation by Russia and China. Obama was guaranteed that he will not suffer any consequences for entering Pakistan and he did not.


You have seen Rambo too many times if you believe that Seal team 6 flew into the most heavily guarded neighborhood in Pakistan and it wasn’t pre-approved by Obama and the Pakistani’s. The American people believe almost anything that they are told is this is how a Marxist got into the White House.


This Former Navy Seal, Ryan Zinke is a true warrior, because he understands that U.S. troops died fighting against communism and here we are just ONE CRISIS away from sinking into it.

Netanyahu: Iran Did It

Steve Cooper


Today, Israel blamed Iran for blowing up a bus filled with Israeli tourists on vacation in Bulgaria. I give Netanyahu credit for blaming Iran rather than their terror proxy Hezbollah.

Iran is a cancer to the world and they have acted as a terror proxy of the Russians and Chinese  since the late 70’s. The media and the U.S. Government allow Iran to hide behind organizations like Hezbollah, Hamas and Al Qaeda.

The US Government has been taken over by a bunch of Soviet thugs that walk around calling themselves Democrats. These thugs whisper with our enemies behind closed doors. Israel is on their own and the world is depending of them to clean house in the Middle East.

Where is Ron Paul and his merry band of Jew hating, Libertarian followers now?,7340,L-4257558,00.html

Obama donor outsourced Olympic uniform manufacturing to China

Obama Donor Outsourced Olympic Uniform Manufacturing To China…. — LiberatedCitizen (@LiberatedCit)

Barack Obama, Outsourcer-in-Chief



The Obama Campaign needs a Bain Capitalism distraction so the sheep don’t notice their own war on Capitalism. – Steve Cooper

Tai Chi makes your brain bigger and improves memory

Tai Chi makes your brain bigger and improves memory via @Telegraph —

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Clinton: Russia and China will ‘pay price’ for supporting Assad

Clinton: Russia and China will ‘pay price’ for supporting Assad

This is part of the BS feud that I warned you all about (brainwashing)


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