Israel’s Strategic Affairs Minister: “ISIL is a 5 year problem, but a nuclear Iran is a 50 year problem”

Conservative News Update:

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

The American media is following a script to distance ISIS/ISIL from Iran. The Sunni/Shiite angle is being used as deception so people don’t see that Iran cleverly controls the terrorist group. Leftists shout Saudi Arabia as an effort to help Iran sink further under the radar.

Russia and Syria are against US air strikes on ISIS targets as the Saudi’s are building a fence. Try using some common sense rather than soaking in the media lies. Remember, these military analysts are contributors that collect a check. They have to read the script handed to them or they will lose their air time.

The sheep have been DUPED.

Saudi Arabia Builds Security Fence Along Border With Iraq

Conservative News Update:

Why is Saudi Arabia building a fence for protection from ISIS if this group is supposedly ‘Sunni’ as the media reports?

ISIS is an enemy of the Saudi’s because the terror group is really controlled by Iran. Don’t hold your breath for your ‘media heroes’ to tell you. Liberals keep shouting that the Saudi’s are funding ISIS, but I believe this is a distraction from the Iranian link to the terrorist group.

We are living in a world of lies and deception, but the people can’t distinguish the difference between truth or lies any longer.

Russia vulnerable as oil prices hit 9 month low

Conservative News Update:

Now you understand why Putin arms Iranian terrorists so they can fuel bloodshed in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Gaza.

Liberal Hollywood’s influence on “24”

Conservative News Update:

I am watching seasons of “24” on Amazon. It is a great show of course, but liberal Hollywood has embedded the usual propaganda such as: Profiling against Muslims, Truther conspiracies that blame terrorism on the US Govt and talking points about torture.

The show also portrays Russia as an ally of the US, but at times they do show the potential of a ‘Russian threat’.

It’s also interesting that Middle East nations allegedly linked to Muslim terrorist groups (Iran, Pakistan or Saudi Arabia) are never mentioned by name.


Warning Graphic: Saudi man beats Indian worker for using the phone

Conservative News Update:

Hezbollah and Syria to attack Israel next?

Conservative News Update:

Last year, I warned that the unrest in Syria was really a plan of deception to unite Muslim terrorists to attack Israel. The Iraq crisis with Isis is no different. Hezbollah, Hamas, Al Qaeda and Isis are all proxies of Iran and Syria no matter how much the media blames Saudi Arabia.  

Anyone with half a brain can see that this is all being orchestrated by the Muslim world to destroy Israel. Socialists are aiding the Muslim terrorists with their vile propaganda against Israel, but they are silent about Muslim use of human shields in Gaza.

Saudi Arabia investigates Imams who did not condemn al Qaeda attack

Conservative News Update:

It’s interesting that this Reuters story isn’t being shared on Twitter. Why? The Internet propaganda tries to link Saudi Arabia with Al Qaeda so people don’t associate the Iranian link to Al Qaeda. It is misdirection.

Why would Al Qaeda attack Saudi Arabia (hundreds killed) if they control them?