Obama press conference under photo of terrorist Yassar Arafat


Yassar Arafat was Russian KGB. So, Obama feels right at home underneath him.

Hacker Sends Hillary Benghazi Emails to the Russian Media

Russia Today, Pravda and the Moscow Times have received the emails.

I told you all that the Russians hated Hillary and they would love to undermine her 2016 campaign dreams and so would Obama.

Russia Today


Putin’s Authoritarian Allure in Europe

I predicted years ago that Russia would control Europe without even firing a shot. That day is coming and the Europeans know it. Europeans also know that the Russians are controlling Muslim terrorism via Iran unlike the brainwashed American idiots.

The Russians already control the Euro and the EU. Gas and oil have been used as a weapon in the past and it will only get worse.


CNN Asks If Bush Officials Should Be Tried for War Crimes

I believe that Democrats should be tried for Treason, because they undermined US Troops after they voted for the war. Also, members of the media should be tried for treason as well for intentionally spreading lies about the war to AID THE ENEMY.

Leftists seem to leave out Colin Powell when war crimes is mentioned, because he has turned into a stooge for Obama. Powell’s race is also protecting him from the Communist Left…

Police Investigate Facebook Photo of 11 yr old with an Assault Rifle

I just saw this story on Fox News. I bet some liberal A-hole called the cops, because this kids father is an NRA instructor.

Left wingers tend to be very paranoid people that see every gun owner as a threat. This is probably due to the high amount of anti-depressants that they stuff their face with daily.

Move to North Korea if you want to live with a disarmed population.


The Global Warming Pope?

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

Pope Francis urges protection of the environment, world’s poor and weak


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Wanted Poster calls for ‘the heads’ of Two NYPD Cops

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

Notice that these two NYPD officers are NOT White? Therefore, Obama’s race hustlers can’t use the race card…

From the NY Post

A “wanted poster” placed on Instagram sickeningly calls for the murders of the two NYPD cops who shot and killed Brooklyn teen Kimani Gray. http://nyp.st/16EjM7C

Amazon.com – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

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