Is Jill Kelley a Middle East Lobbyist or More?

Steve Cooper


I had a feeling that something was up with this Jill Kelley, but I didn’t know what it was. Her closeness to these Generals was suspicious indeed.

Her real name is supposedly Jill Khawam Kelley and of course the media has not reported that she is a Christian Lebanese Arab.

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Muslims furious that Paris Hilton opens a store in Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Steve Cooper


This chick is WHACKED. Who are her advisers? Do they want her to get her head chopped off?

I wonder if Hillary and Obama will have Paris Hilton arrested next if riots break out? – Best Selling Kitchen Supplies

World Bank President: “Tackling Climate Change Will End Poverty”

Steve Cooper

Here we go again. The ‘Warmers’ just never give up!

Scientists got caught faking ‘global warming’ data and that is when the term ‘climate change’ was dreamed up. Look up Climate Gate for more…

Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth. How exactly will tackling global warming end poverty? The only thing that global warming will burn is… your money. Why is the President of the World Bank interested in Global Warming? Put 2+2 together…it is not rocket science.


The World Bank study comes as almost 200 nations will meet in Doha, Qatar, from Nov. 26 to Dec. 7 to try to extend the Kyoto Protocol, the existing plan for curbing greenhouse gas emissions by developed nations that runs to the end of the year. – Best Selling Kitchen Supplies

Video: Hamas Proud To Use Human Shields In Gaza

Steve Cooper  

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Rupert Murdoch Tweet: ‘Can’t Obama Stop His Friends in Egypt Shelling Israel?’

Steve Cooper

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Video: Muslim Terrorists Fire Rockets Over Tel Aviv

Steve Cooper

Courtesy – Drudge Report
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Russian Media Claims that Israel Bombed Gaza Journalist Center

Steve Cooper


Maybe the Leftist media should stop aiding Hamas terrorists and the Israeli’s will stop targeting them? – Best Selling Kitchen Supplies