NRA chief: Media wrong to ‘blame guns’ for every tragedy – The Hill’s Blog Briefing Room

Steve Cooper

Conservative Monster (@cnin) tweeted at 1:42 PM on Sun, Dec 23, 2012:

The Democrats are seeking to eventually label all Americans that own guns as potential terrorists. #tcot –

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Communist Party – Have a “Merry Revolutionary Christmas”; Christmas Brings Out the Worst Features of Capitalism

Steve Cooper


The Communists constantly preach tolerance, but they are the biggest haters on the planet and they are a danger to religious freedom. They also blame Christmas for destroying the environment in this article. How dare the ‘little people’ spoil the environment that the Elite  believe ‘they own’. These commies have no problem that ‘Obama Claus’ is poisoning the environment by flying to Hawaii with his family.

These are the same radicals that boo’ed God at the Democrat Convention that nominated the Marxist in Chief.

I find it offensive that at the end the article the author wishes everyone a “Merry revolutionary Christmas”. Communist revolutions have killed about 160 million people worldwide and to mix revolution with Christmas shows how totally delusional these communists really are.


Christmas time can be so depressing. It brings out some of the worst features of capitalism and rubs them in our faces. You can’t escape, whatever your philosophical or religious belief.


Advertisements spur on feelings of guilt if you don’t buy enough of the right kinds of consumer products for people you love. Creative financing is offered so that lenders can make even more profit.


And it is an environmental disaster … more plastic, cardboard and packaging is produced, carted about, and dumped into landfills, vacant lots, and incinerators at Christmas time than at any other time of the year.


Whoever you are, have a merry and revolutionary Christmas. And let us then enter the new millennium resolved to wipe out homelessness, poverty, racism and injustice once and for all! – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

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Adam Lanza was Fascinated by the Military

Steve Cooper


Adam Lanza was fascinated with the Military? Stalin, Hitler, Che Guevara, Pol Pot?

What military’s have slaughtered children? The Soviets and the Nazi’s were the biggest. So, I guess that matches Adam Lanza’s political philosophy the most.

The media keeps repeating over and over how bright Adam Lanza was. Liberals in the media repeat the words educated and bright when an attacker is a ‘left winger’ from a wealthy family like Lanza and past suspected shooters. I suspect that Lanza was really fascinated by Marxist Revolution and Anarchy. 

Anyone that kills children like this is a left winger. Don’t bring up Timothy McVeigh either, because there are many questions about who he was associated with.

If Adam Lanza was a Tea Party supporter; then the media would call him crazy, extreme and radical. – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

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CT State Police Change Tune on Adam Lanza Motive?

Steve Cooper


Last week, on the day of the shooting the CT State Police spokesman claimed that he had knowledge of the motive, but was not making it public. If I remember correctly, the Officer stated something about emails that were obtained. I became curious as to why the motive wasn’t released since the gunman was dead and there would be no trial to interfere with.

Then I wondered if the reports about accomplices were true, but I dismissed that as well.

I then stated that THE PEOPLE will never find out the truth that the CT State Police claimed to know. I suspect that Adam Lanza was an anti-social anarchist and that is possibly why he reportedly destroyed his computer before he went to the school to kill 26 people and children. I suspect that Lanza didn’t want the police to go after any fellow anarchists that he communicated with online.

Why say that you discovered the motive and then suddenly change your story as Fox News reported yesterday? Megyn Kelly stated, that the CT State Police have hit a wall when it comes to the motive for the shooting.

Once again, I was correct that the public would be shut out from information regarding the shooter, Adam Lanza. I guess the dangerous Anarchist movement is being protected, because they are a valuable tool to the left? Would this same protection be given to someone from the Tea Party? No…

Next – WHO told the State Police not to release this motive and then suddenly say they hit a brick wall? Eric Holder supposedly is on the scene now and that brick wall over the facts of this case will turn into a brick house just like it did during the Fast and Furious investigation. .

The State Police threatened anyone that would dare interfere with this case and on CNN he stated that this investigation will go on “many months” as if we will never learn the truth. The Trooper also told CNN that he had “no knowledge of the computer being smashed”.

Another theory that I do have is that the State Police does have the computer and the names in it and they don’t want those Anarchists or accomplices to know that they are going to monitor them and they lied to the public. This could also be the case…


Is The Anti-God, Anti-Society Rhetoric Inspiring Anarchists to Commit Mass Murder? – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s 
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John Kerry supports military intervention into Syria

Steve Cooper

CNN just reported that John Kerry supports some military intervention into Syria. Now do you all understand why Moscow wants John Kerry to be the new Secretary of State?

My theory on a staged war with Russia and Syria is falling into place.

War is fine for the anti-war protesters when communists are plotting one together for ‘public consumption’. I suspect that military intervention with Syria would be BAD if the Romney Administration was in power since they are not in bed with the Russians like Obama is.

The Communists want the American people to give up on wars against communism and terrorism, because they can’t be won due to ‘liberal intervention and rules of engagement’. If you can’t beat them; join them. No, we are not converting to Muslims, but we will be forced to convert to Socialists via economic sabotage.

The other goal behind this staged war is to demonize NATO and pressure the Europeans to disband NATO. Disbanding NATO has been a goal of the Russians since they staged the collapse of the USSR.

Syrian Opposition: Russian and Iranian citizens “a legitimate target” – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

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A Tribute to Communism…NOT

Steve Cooper

Mao also told the Chinese people to move “Forward”. The sheep will learn the real meaning of “Forward”…soon.

You think “It can’t happen here”?. Well, it is happening here… – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

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China Would Also Love a Ban on Assault Weapons in America

Steve Cooper


The 2nd Amendment is more than just about self defense from an attacker. It is about self defense from an oppressive government. – Steve Cooper


Naive liberals wind up dead and Ambassador Stevens is a perfect example of that. Unfortunately, his weakness cost the lives of three other Americans.

So, what are you going to do when 200 million Chinese Soldiers bum rush the Mexican border? A border that is suspiciously vulnerable. What will you chase them away with? Your smartphone? Maybe you can flash the invading Chinese army a peace sign and see how that slows them down?

The 2nd Amendment was written to protect the American people from oppressive regimes, foreign or DOMESTIC. Don’t expect Obama to order the US Military to stop the invasion either, because handing the USA over to the enemy has been a dream of the radical left since the end of WW II.

Get the hint?


Video: Gun Control Has Killed Millions Worldwide – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

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