Pakistan Frees Nine Taliban Leaders

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Joe Biden called the Taliban “our friends”…so what the heck. – Best Selling Kitchen Supplies

Allen West’s attorney claims to have proof of ‘voter discrepancies’

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I have a confession to make:

You all knew my prediction about the Presidential race. I said CLEARLY that it would be rigged and Obama would win in a ‘close race’ by voter fraud. I was 100% correct.

I also knew that Allen West would be targeted with fraud too since he exposed the communists within the Democrat Party and he was, BUT I thought that he would prevail. I figured that the commies would be more worried about cheating for Obama rather than some race for congress in Florida. The votes are much closer than I expected them to be.

I will be deeply disappointed if Allen West loses this election. It would be a tragedy to the Nation. I am praying that he prevails, because he is a man of honor.


Update – this video contains white people protesting for Allen West and black people that are protesting AGAINST Allen West. This is not about race…this is about leeching off of the Government. – Best Selling Kitchen Supplies

Video of Israel’s Iron Dome intercepting rockets launched by Gaza Muslims – Best Selling Kitchen Supplies

The Bloody History of Communism – Part II

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There are three parts to this documentary, but the second is my favorite. It is interesting that videos about the horrors of communism have been cleansed from all educational television. They seem to have no problem demonizing Hitler, National Socialism and Fascism, because they want the sheep to ‘look at the other hand’.

WARNING – this video contains graphic murders…but that is just Communism doing what it does best.



PART ONE – – Best Selling Kitchen Supplies

Every American Must See This Video: AGENDA Grinding America Down

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You Tube removed the video due to a copyright complaint by the owner. HERE is a link to watch the documentary for FREE only for a limited time.

You can also order the DVD from here - Agenda: Grinding America Down

A Conservative Monster fan sent me this video and I do remember seeing it several years ago. It is 1hr 30 mins long, but worth it…

It is about the Communist infiltration into AMERICA and it contains GRAPHIC FOOTAGE…


CLICK HERE – AGENDA: Grinding America Down (Full Movie) FREE for a limited time. from Copybook Heading Productions LLC on Vimeo. – Best Selling Kitchen Supplies

Former Florida elections chief on West-Murphy: ‘How do you get away with doing a partial recount?’

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Allen West got robbed…

The Establishment has punished him for exposing the Communists within the Democrat Party.

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Iran Sets up New Navy Base in Strait of Hormuz

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George Bush Jr. should have leveled Iran days after 9/11 as a message to the Russians and the Muslim world. Maybe the Iranians will let their spokesman Ron Paul tour their new Naval Base?

Iran Sets up New Navy Base in Strait of Hormuz

Iran unveils hovercraft that fires missiles – Best Selling Kitchen Supplies