​Hamas rockets target Israel’s Dimona nuclear reactor

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Muslim prayer rug found on the border (See my Facebook warning from earlier today)

Conservative News Update:

The illegal alien invasion on the border was orchestrated to allow Muslim terrorists to sneak into the US via the border. The sheep wanted change….it’s coming.

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UN chief says Gaza on a ‘knife edge’

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Iran wants to escalate the situation in Israel so their terrorist proxies Isis, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah and Hamas can unite against Israel. This is the real goal…

Iran’s Link to Al-Qaeda: The 9-11 Commission’s Evidence

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Iranian Support for the 9/11 Terrorists:

Iranian support for Al-Qaeda continued to increase, even as Clinton administration officials sought to extend an olive branch to the Islamic Republic.[9] The 9-11 Commission documented at length Iran’s continuing assistance to Al-Qaeda and recommended that the U.S. government further investigate Iranian links to Al-Qaeda:


Dinesh D’Souza addresses Costco banning his book ‘America’ #Boycott

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UPDATE: Costco did reverse their decision, but they still should be punished.


So, I guess Costco is an arm of the Government? Be very scared. Leftists shout about McCarthyism daily, but they are silent now.

I have added this post into the ‘terrorism’ category.

PHOTOS: Illegal Immigrant at Processing Center Wearing YES WE CAN Shoes

TY Laura …..

Read more: http://www.woai.com/onair/the-joe-pags-show-10/photos-illegal-immigrant-at-processing-center-wearing-yes-we-can-shoes-12538944/#ixzz36tWsQzqB

Elite Hamas Commander killed in Gaza

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