Thug Hamas supporters riot in France

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Iran Releases Video Of Israel Under Nuclear Attack

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Iran General: We Will Hunt Down Israelis House To House

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I told the sheep that Syria, Iraq and Gaza was all about Iran getting ready for war against Israel long ago.

Graphic: 50 Syrian soldiers beheaded

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Liberals are whining about Israel, because they want Jews to see the same fate that these people did.


Is The Conservative Monster blocked in Russia, China and Iran?

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The global traffic of The Conservative Monster is very interesting.

The Russian traffic has dropped ‘drastically’ since last year. I suspect the site is blocked from the Russian public and only Govt Officials can read it. The Russian traffic was high at one time.

The traffic from China barely exists as well and it is similar to the ‘present’ Russian traffic.

The traffic in Iran is ZERO. The Conservative Monster is blocked 100%. Maybe it is because the Conservative Monster is the only site that has the guts to expose the Iranian link to 9/11?

The traffic coming from Malaysia has jumped ‘big time’ the past several months due to the Malaysian Jet ‘disappearance’.



Muslim terrorists kidnap wife of vice prime minister in Cameroon

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