Is the ‘Occupy Ferguson’ movement on Twitter trying to incite more unrest in Missouri?

Conservative News Update:

Leftists are trying to spark as much unrest as possible, because this is a great distraction from the collapsing economy and Obama scandals. The goal is Martial Law, but I can’t see them pulling that off without help from Obama’s Muslim pals. 

Hillary Clinton will never see the White House. The far left and Obama aren’t friends of Hillary…

Black Panthers lead Ferguson protest chant calling for death of Police Officer Darren Wilson

Conservative News Update:

DOJ ordered suppression of the Michael Brown robbery video?

Conservative News Update:

TY Byron for bringing this story to my attention…

The US Constitution was written to protect the people from saboteurs such as Eric Holder. The man should be arrested and removed from office if this is true since people, property and police officers were injured due to this EVIDENCE SUPPRESSION.

The countless other offenses Eric Holder has committed is no secret either such as obstructing justice while testifying in front of the US Congress. I guess being a black Marxist has it’s perks?

Via Fox News –

Friday’s release of the video came over the objections of federal authorities, a law enforcement official told CNN on Saturday.