Activists urge Obama to go rogue, sidestep Congress

Conservative News Update:

I have warned over and over again that the Democrats want an Obama Dictatorship already. The change these radicals want is Mao or Stalin instead of Jimmy Carter Part II.

New Facebook Page: “Socialism for America”

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Conservative News Update:

At least the guy that created this Facebook page is ‘out of the closet’. I think other Democrats, Independents and Libertarians that voted for Obama need to ‘come out’ as well since they like to use ‘class warfare’ talking points such as ‘redistribution of wealth’.

These Socialists would really rather have an Obama dictatorship than another Presidential Election in 2016, because there is a risk that the Republicans could win. Then what? That would delay their ‘Socialist dream’ for America.

There are many Libertarian ‘agitators’ that are caling for revolution. They say that they are Conservative, but they are really trying to give Obama more executive powers so he can impose Martial Law due to civil unrest.

Copy of my letter to Dr Keith Ablow regarding mass shooters and the lust for sparking revolution

Dr. Ablow,

I will make this brief, because I am sure that you are a busy man. I am a retired Police Officer and I am the founder of  The Conservative Monster.

I have a theory that many of these mass shooters are being brainwashed to start a revolution the same as the Manson family desired when they committed their crimes. This conspiracy is bigger than just a crazy cult that thought the Beatles were sending them messages in their music.

Many of these mass shooters tend to be the same age, well educated and they are coming from families of wealth, not poverty. I find it very interesting that the media and the police are very reluctant to release evidence or results of their investigations even if the shooter is deceased and there is no trial to compromise.

I suspect the suppression of evidence being released is to prevent copy cat shootings.

Many mass shooters and Muslim terrorists are college educated and I believe that they are being indoctrinated by Marxist Professors to attack the West. Leftist Academia is using these young kids as surrogates in the ‘War against Capitalism’.

Especially, we have seen many Muslims that are doctors and scientists become terrorists. I have heard people question “how this could happen” since they are educated and not poor like we have always been led to believe. My answer is ‘indoctrination’ via their professors since we have seen anti-Capitalism propaganda come from the Muslim world recently. This anti-Capitalist propaganda is the same that Leftists have spewed since the days of the Vietnam War. This explains why Leftists tend to be apologists for Muslim terrorists, because they are being used as ‘proxies’ in the ‘War against Capitalism”.

Of course, not all mass shootings can be linked to desire to start a revolution or to take down capitalism, but it can be linked to the anti-social brainwashing that we are seeing among today’s youth. To rebel against American society and tradition. Once again, this is an indirect way to attack capitalism and freedom. It is a brilliant; yet deadly and effective strategy.

Over the years, I have noticed a huge increase in excitement of the youth to incite a revolution to bring down the US Govt and Capitalism. I blame liberal parents and teachers for this, but the media would never dare blame Liberal Academia since they are needed to continue brainwashing these kids to hate the US, Capitalism and to become anti-social killing machines.

The startling amount of young kids that worship Cuban Revolutionary Che Guevara shows that I am onto something here, but it is a ‘hot topic’ that the media (Fox included) would be afraid to go near.

Chaos in society is clearly needed to bring further ‘change’.

What are your thoughts?


Steve Cooper


Virginia Democrat Calls For Forcing Doctors To Accept Medicare And Medicaid Patients

I predicted that doctors would be targeted soon. The IRS will probably go after them as well if they refuse to be ‘team players’ with Obamacare and Medicare.

Link from DRUDGE

Kudlow: Liberal entitlement state dream is crumbling


Here’s what else I don’t want: As a 60-something, relatively healthy person, I don’t want lactation and maternity services, abortion services, speech therapy, mammograms, fertility treatments or Viagra. I don’t want it. So why should I have to tear up my existing health-care plan, and then buy a plan with far more expensive premiums and deductibles, and with services I don’t need or want?

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Will an Obamacare crisis be used to censor free speech as Winston Churchill warned?

Steve Cooper

Winston Churchill warned: “No Socialist Government could afford free, sharply worded speech of discontent. They would have to fall on some form of Gestapo that would nip in the bud opinion and stop criticism.”

Remember, Rahm Emanuel’s comment? “Never let a good crisis go to waste”. The Democrats have already labeled their opposition as ‘terrorists, anarchists, extremists and radicals’, but the Tea Party won’t make 70% of the country lose it’s healthcare. It was Obama, Pelosi, Reid and Biden that did it.

Expect more vicious attacks by Obama and his group of radical surrogates that want to intimidate people from speaking out by labeling them as ‘crazy, extreme and radical’. These tactics come right out of Alinsky’s Communist playbook.

Just shake off the attacks, because Democrats run for the hills once they hear the words Socialist or Communist. Why are Democrats ashamed to admit that they are Socialists or Communists? Why are these words forbidden to be mentioned during this debate?

If the Democrats want to have a ‘fair and balanced debate about turning the US into a Socialist and then Communist Country, then they should plead their case. The people see through your lies and they know exactly who and what you are.

Could a major crisis in the healthcare industry be used to censor free speech about how bad Obamacare is, because Democrats would ‘worry’ that it could ‘incite violence’? Obama would love a major crisis to be a roadblock to the next election. Perfect timing huh? Leftists and Libertarians shouted that Bush would declare martial law, because they were acting as a distraction for what the ‘far left’ had planned.

Free medical care? Nothing is ever ‘free’…

More quotes by Winston Churchill


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Comedian Russel Brand calls for a ‘Socialist Revolution’

Steve Cooper


In this interview, Russel Brand is calling for a Socialist Revolution. Brand should be water boarded, stripped of his money and thrown into prison. This guy is worth $15 million, but he forgets that corporate sponsors helps to pay his salary? So, Russel has plenty of money now and he wants to stifle everyone else’s opportunity to become wealthy?

Brand claims to be clean from drugs today, but he still gets cravings for heroin. That explains a lot.

I am constantly warning about Marxist Revolutionaries like Russel Brand on The Conservative Monster. Many of these Marxist Revolutionaries want to incite violence and chaos in society by committing vandalism and even acts of mass murder. I have accused the media, the police and politicians of covering up the fact that many of the mass shootings in the US were inspired by Marxism and sparking a Marxist Revolution.

I always warn people in the Tea Party to be suspicious of people constantly shouting for Revolution, because they are probably Leftists that publicly label themselves as Libertarians to blend in. These radicals are trying to incite Conservatives to commit acts of violence to help Obama declare martial law.

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Video of Russel Brand’s interview:

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