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Netanyahu: Iran Did It

Steve Cooper


Today, Israel blamed Iran for blowing up a bus filled with Israeli tourists on vacation in Bulgaria. I give Netanyahu credit for blaming Iran rather than their terror proxy Hezbollah.

Iran is a cancer to the world and they have acted as a terror proxy of the Russians and Chinese  since the late 70′s. The media and the U.S. Government allow Iran to hide behind organizations like Hezbollah, Hamas and Al Qaeda.

The US Government has been taken over by a bunch of Soviet thugs that walk around calling themselves Democrats. These thugs whisper with our enemies behind closed doors. Israel is on their own and the world is depending of them to clean house in the Middle East.

Where is Ron Paul and his merry band of Jew hating, Libertarian followers now?,7340,L-4257558,00.html

WND: Arpaio Obama probe finds ‘national security threat’

Steve Cooper


Sheriff Joe needs to forward his finding to The Joint Chiefs, but they will probably do nothing about it. Just ask LTC Lakin. The people have no voice to stop blatant corruption and that is a sign of tyranny.


The Joint Chiefs are sworn to defend the American people and the U.S. Constitution from foreign and domestic enemies. They have betrayed the people and their oaths long ago, by allowing this march towards Socialism that everyone publicly denies is happening.


It doesn’t matter if we are exposing Fast and Furious, Solyndra, Obama Care or the forged Birth certificate. The media will protect this regime, because they want to be on their ‘good side’ when a total dictatorship falls into place. When the Hollywood Elite say “I believe Obama will be more ‘bold’ during his 2nd term”, they are talking about a dictatorship where the Elite will have higher status in society due to massive inflation and stifling taxes that will crush the capitalist system. This is the goal…




  • The sheriff’s investigators have learned of a birth certificate coding system that indicates the White House document has been altered.
  • Hawaii’s deputy attorney general, Jill T. Nagamine, confirm the state has a birth document on file for Obama. But she would not confirm on the record that the White House document matched what was on file with the Hawaii Department of Health.

Retired Special Forces General Speaks About Marxist Insurgency

There is a Marxist insurgency underway now in America. You don’t need special forces training to recognize the symptoms — but it doesn’t hurt. Lt. Gen. (Ret.) W.G. “Jerry” Boykin explains.

Russian Nuclear Bombers Intercepted Over West Coast on Fourth of July

Russian Nuclear Bombers Intercepted Over West Coast on Fourth of July

Yeah, but the Russians are OUR FRIENDS. They just use their Muslim and Democrat proxies to destroy the USA….


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Iraq warns of al-Qaeda influx to Syria

Steve Cooper

What people don’t understand is that Russia and the Muslims want as much chaos in the Middle East as possible for many reasons that I have stated in the past.

The main reasons are to increase oil prices, Russian weapon sales and to drag the USA into another bloody war with Russian proxies Iran and Syria. The media ‘experts’ talk in circles, because they don’t want the American people to understand what this is all really about. Another reason of course is to bankrupt the USA and cause division within NATO.

Making NATO look like an imperialist threat to ‘global stability’ is another reason. By the way; those words are communist buzz words that are used, ‘imperialist’ and threat to ‘global stability’. 

Why is the ‘Democrat controlled media’ beating the war drums so hard for Syria? Well, this is a good way to distract people from the bad economy and unemployment.

Al Qaeda is just a tool that the International Marxists and Muslims use to create chaos around the world. It is their goal to drag the USA onto many different battlefields so it is bankrupted and demoralized. Surrender to Socialism will be the only other option.


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