Liberals Want to Kill 6 Year Old in Conservative Video

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Ron Paul: Lobbyist for Iran?

Steve Cooper


When SOCIALIST Dennis Kucinich calls someone an ‘American patriot’ on the House floor; you know that person is really a Benedict Arnold…. Ron Paul.

Ron Paul is trying to brainwash the Tea Party that he infiltrated into a large anti-war, anti-Israel movement just like I have been saying over and over and over.

The Republicans lack the guts to call out this left winger that has infiltrated their party, because they are embarrassed and afraid. How are the Republicans supposed to beat Obama when they are afraid of Ron Paul, the Iranian Ambassador?

Iran has been killing US Troops since the attack on the USMC in Lebanon. Most of the blood that was spilled in Iraq, Afghanistan and on 9/11 was directly linked to Iran.

Iran is a Russian proxy of terror. So, what does that make Ron Paul? You tell me…





Hateful Leftist Abuses Young Woman Working the Chick-fil-A Window #Chickfila


UPDATE: This free speech Nazi has been FIRED….

NBC NEWS: Chick-fil-A ignites culture wars #chickfila

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Why Does One Of The Most Articulate Politicians Ever Spend So Much Time Explaining What He Actually Meant?

The C Monster@cnin

I love how the media stooges call Obama an ‘intellectual’, but they would certainly call him a meat head if he were a Republican.