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TAPPER HAMMERS CARNEY: ‘Didn’t the President Shoot First and Ask Questions Later?’

Steve Cooper

Jake Tapper blocked me on Twitter when I dared to grill him about the media blackout on the Birther issue, but he does a good job here. He is still a punk…

Jay Carney belongs in an orange jumpsuit (prison) along with many other Democrats for their lies about the 9/11 attack in Libya.

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Video – RNC Does Attack Ad on Obama ‘Debate Smirk’

Steve Cooper



Romney Romps in Presidential Debate Mismatch Against Obama

Michelle Malkin Debate Analysis: Yesterday was National Empty Podium Day

Video – Chris Matthews Unhinged About Romney Debate Victory

Leftists Blame Jim Lehrer for Obama Debate Loss

Krauthammer Analysis: ‘Romney Won Debate By 2 Touchdowns’ Best Sellers – Computers

Obama Video: Hannity Does Devastating Side-By-Side Comparison Of Obama’s Two Race Speeches

Steve Cooper


Besides race baiting and pandering; Obama sounded drunk in this video…. Best Sellers – Computers