Jake Tapper Claims ‘The Media Helped Obama’ in 2008

Steve Cooper

Gee, the media helped Obama in 2008? Really? We never would have known that Jake without your ‘professional’ opinion. These are the same left wing bastards that laughed in our faces and said “what liberal bias in the media”? They are TERRORISTS.

Jake Tapper blocked me on Twitter, because I dared to comment on the media blackout on the Obama Eligibility issue.

So JAKE, I wouldn’t go throwing stones if I were YOU either….


Allen West: Obama Is Feeding America A ‘Crap Sandwich’ With A Smile

Dinesh D’Souza wipes the floor up with Obama lap dog Piers Morgan

Talk about a mismatch of intellect?

Dinesh D’Souza is 100% correct with everything he says in this video and it drives Socialist stooges like Piers Morgan up the wall OBVIOUSLY.



Part 2 – Libtardarian, Penn Jillette and Piers Morgan try to gang up on Dinesh D’Souza.

Using kids, Dems hit bottom AGAIN: Allen West Insults Recited By Children In New Attack Ad

Using kids, Dems hit bottom AGAIN -
Allen West Insults Recited By Children In New Attack Ad http://t.co/LorPVKpm via @HuffPostPol #tcot

Romney Birther Joke Has the Democrats in a Panic

Steve Cooper


Did you see that title? The Democrats are in a panic that the Birther Issue was brought up. Why are they in a panic? Use your heads…


Why are Democrats (and some Republicans) in a panic over Romney making a joke about Obama’s Birth certificate today? They obviously know that it is a dangerous area to go, because SO MUCH is being HIDDEN about Obama’s birth, past, college admissions and school records. Could it be that he used the name Barry Soetoro instead of Barack Obama?

Whenever something is called a ‘conspiracy theory’, you can bet next weeks paycheck that it is a REAL CONSPIRACY. I need someone to please explain to me why this Birther Issue and questions about Obama’s Natural Born Citizenship are banned from being spoken publicly or in the media (God forbid)

That idiot Glenn Beck can also be thanked for his intentional sabotage of the Birther Movement from spreading mainstream. Beck protected many ‘powerful people’ from being exposed that had their fingerprints on this ‘conspiracy’. Glenn Beck attacked his own fans to the point that they were afraid to even bring up the Obama Eligibility issue at all.

Beck’s fans would protect him by saying “they might have threatened Beck not to go near the Birther issue”. Well, he wouldn’t avoid the entire issue if that was the case, but instead he viciously berated his audience.

I am sure that Romney’s phone is ringing off the hook from John McCain and others that might have aided with the Obama Birther Cover Up.



Michael Savage on “You didn’t build that”: Obama is a Naked Marxist

The Michael Savage show from July 16, 2012

Judge warns of civil war if Obama re-elected

The CNN stooge that was reporting this kept making faces and he attacked the judge, but many Americans believe that the Democrats would love to spark a civil war so they can have absolute power.


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