WIFI or WI-Spy? Moscow plans full WIFI for public transport by 2015

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Steve Cooper
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Where is Snowden?


Snowden wraps himself in American Flag as he ‘hides in RUSSIA’

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Snowden is a Soviet loving fraud that really wanted to undermine US Intelligence agencies for the enemy.

Assange marks two years in legal limbo

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From June 19, 2014:    Assange should have planned an escape to Russia like Edward Snowden did, but he got cocky. I am wondering if a tunnel is being dug under the Ecuadorian Embassy so Assange could escape via the sewer system while wearing a disguise?    

The UK should boot everyone out of the Ecuadorian Embassy and then they can arrest Assange. Very easy… 

Edward Snowden reveals his anti-semitism?

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Post by RT.

Report: Israel ‘spied’ on Kerry during peace talks last year

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Could you blame Israel? They know all about Obama’s Iranian double agents.