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Hugo Chavez Accuses Detained American of Being a Mercenary

Steve Cooper

I am surprised that this man would have Iraq and Afghanistan stamps on his passport if he really was a mercenary. That was not too smart if this is true. This is a lesson for you amateurs, get FORGED DOCUMENTS, because it worked for Obama.

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PIPELINE EXPLOSION Blast interrupts Iraq-Turkey oil flow

BREAKING NEWS: PIPELINE EXPLOSION Blast interrupts Iraq-Turkey oil flow.

Iranian News and other sources are reporting about this ‘explosion’

Seeking to raise the price of oil? Maybe?


Russia Sending Warships and Marines to Syria?


Steve Cooper


There were also reports that the Russians already have soldiers on the ground guarding their ‘interests’. This is all part of the staged world war that I predicted between Obama and Putin.The media keeps playing up ‘tensions’ between the Kremlin and DC, but Putin and Obama are really on the phone giggling like schools girls about this all.

Stay tuned to this site…sheep.

Official: Israel will act if militants raid Syrian chemical or biological weapons stocks

Steve Cooper


These chemical weapons belonged to SADDAM…

The Democrats voted for a war and then they lied to undermine the troops once the boots were on the ground. Kennedy and Murtha should be burning in hell right now.

The Democrats are the West Wing of Moscow, because they are protecting Russia’s involvement with moving Saddam’s WMD’s to Syria. Bush kept this secret to avoid a larger conflict with KGB Putin and his Democrat affiliates.

I have spoken to many ‘anonymous’ soldiers that were in Iraq and they know Saddam had the WMD’s, but they are not allowed to say it publicly due to the Communist conspiracy to lie about it. This is a free country?

Will Ron Paul Blame Syria’s Violence on American Foreign Policy?

Steve Cooper


Russian foreign policy is the problem in Syria. It has nothing to do with American foreign policy. Ron Paul is a disgrace and that man needs to be bounced from the Republican Party. They better not let that A-hole speak at the Convention. Paul’s followers are radical left wing Jew haters anyway that will never vote for a Mormon “Warmonger Neo-con”.


I also find it interesting that Syria has such a massive WMD stockpile all of the sudden. Does Iraq ring a bell?

The Democrats lied and troops died…..

Wounded Warrior Receives Purple Heart Live on Fox News

Wounded Warrior James O’Leary finally receives a formal Purple Heart presentation on his Alive Day- exactly 8 years after being injured in a mortar attack in Iraq. In the background is Andrew Coughlan, who also survived the attack in which James was injured.

Iraq warns of al-Qaeda influx to Syria

Steve Cooper

What people don’t understand is that Russia and the Muslims want as much chaos in the Middle East as possible for many reasons that I have stated in the past.

The main reasons are to increase oil prices, Russian weapon sales and to drag the USA into another bloody war with Russian proxies Iran and Syria. The media ‘experts’ talk in circles, because they don’t want the American people to understand what this is all really about. Another reason of course is to bankrupt the USA and cause division within NATO.

Making NATO look like an imperialist threat to ‘global stability’ is another reason. By the way; those words are communist buzz words that are used, ‘imperialist’ and threat to ‘global stability’. 

Why is the ‘Democrat controlled media’ beating the war drums so hard for Syria? Well, this is a good way to distract people from the bad economy and unemployment.

Al Qaeda is just a tool that the International Marxists and Muslims use to create chaos around the world. It is their goal to drag the USA onto many different battlefields so it is bankrupted and demoralized. Surrender to Socialism will be the only other option.


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