Is Obama Setting Up US Troops for a Massive Defeat in Syria?

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster


Obama’s withdrawal of US Troops from Iraq is the real cause of the chaos in Syria. Assad felt less threatened after US Troops were pulled out. – Steve Cooper


The Far Left support tyrants and the atrocities that they commit, because it lowers the population and brings CHANGE. This is why Leftists and Libertarians are against any intervention to stop bloodshed; anywhere in the world.

After all; you have to break a few eggs to make an omelette.

What type of change? The end of Capitalism and the US Dollar for one.

Syria is clearly a conspiracy that has been planned for a long time by Russia and the American Left. This war will happen no matter what and it will expand across the region (Israel). Syria and Iran should have been taken out a long time ago, but they have been protected by Russian (and Chinese) threats of WW III.

In 2006, I predicted that the Russians wanted to make sure that a Democrat was in the White House when a war with Iran broke out, because they can influence the Democrat Party. This means the Russians could control the events as they take place; whereas they would have much less influence over a Republican.

I came to this conclusion by watching the Democrats (Biden and Reid) attack George Bush to protect Iran from being bombed in during the 2006-2007 time frame. I believe that this was Treason after knowing that Iran (and Syria) participated in training and funding terrorists in Iraq directly linked to killing US Soldiers. I knew that the Democrats were up to something in regards to Iran.

An attack on Syria is also seen as an attack on Iran. I would support bombing Syria if Allen West were the President instead of Barack Hussein Obama. Libertarians and Leftists would have a fit if a real  warrior led the US like Allen West.

Syria and Iran were linked to aiding terrorists in Iraq that killed US Troops during the war. So, their medicine is long overdue. There should be no mercy when dealing with these fanatical Muslim terrorists that are proxies of Russia (nothing changed from the days of the USSR).

Putin and Obama are friends and this feud is being staged to start something bigger in the Middle East. Trust me, because I PREDICTED it was coming in 2012 (feel free to search my archives). I know everything that these left wing frauds do.

The Syrian rebels are a bunch of Arab TV actors…don’t believe the hype. I do believe that the chemical attack was real. The death is real, but the orchestration that you see in the media of these rebels is a joke. Assad could crush these Rebel Cowboy’s within one week if he wanted to.

The civil war in Syria is being done to appear weaker to their enemy Israel, but Bibi knows that it is deception. Assad is also trying to bait more radical Muslims into the region for the coming war against Israel. Obama is really helping Assad (not Israel) lure in more Muslims radicals by giving this conflict more attention.

Raising the price of oil for Russia and OPEC is another gift from Obama’s Syria adventure.


So, Obama wants to start a war with Syria (and Iran eventually) after he withdrew US Troops from Iraq? He gave up the strategic advantage by having troops on both of their borders in Iraq. This tells me that Obama is staging a massive defeat for US Troops in Syria and Iran. This staged defeat is similar to how the Soviets staged their own military and economic collapse. The US is following that same playbook.

The goal is to make the US a basket case like the former Soviet Union appeared to be. Putin knows the truth about the strategic advantages of the USSR staging their collapse to lower the America’s guard. Leftists want the US National Defense to be paralyzed by crushing debt from wars that they make un-winnable and very costly.

Sequestration cuts have weakened the US Military according to Lt Gen. McInerny. He stated on Fox News that “the US Military is not the same as it was five years ago due to CUTS”.

It is no secret that the Democrats are traitors and that they can’t be trusted for one second when it comes to Foreign Policy. Also, you can add Libertarians to the list of those that can’t be trusted on Foreign Policy as well.

The LEFT want to turn the American people into anti war leftists, because they are purposely making the wars un-winnable and very costly. The Rules of Engagement constantly gives the advantage to the enemy on purpose so… WE LOSE.

I could type until my fingers are falling off, because the people only believe news or analysis if it has the Fox News or CNN stamp of approval on it. It doesn’t matter how accurate I have been in the past, because many still reject. The hardcore Conservative Monster fans that have been with me since day one have seen everything fall into place just as I predicted that it would.

Syria, WW III and Changing the World Forever

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Did US Allies Abandon Obama as Payback for Iraq Withdawal?

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

How could anyone be shocked that Obama can’t rally together any allies for a Syria coalition? It would be easier for Obama to assemble a Rubik’s cube than a coalition for Syria at this point.

Obama destroyed the coalition that GW Bush put together to remove Saddam Hussein. Now, this fool wants to put the pieces back together? The Brits want no part of Obama, because he can’t be trusted. It is that simple.

Don’t listen to the scripted lies that are still repeated about Iraq:

  • Saddam DID have WMD’s, because he used them on his own people and Iran.
  • Iraq was invaded so the US Military could have a strategic advantage over Iran when that war started since they were directly linked to the 9/11 attacks. Nobody would dare admit this fact, but it is true.
  • Iraq’s lost WMD’S are most likely the same weapons that Assad is using on his own people, but nobody will admit that either. The goal is to tarnish GW Bush’s legacy.
  • The Democrats voted for the Iraq War and then they undermined the mission after US Military boots were on the ground.


MOST IMPORTANTLY: Obama gave up the strategic advantage of having US Troops in Iraq since it is on the borders of Syria and Iran. Maybe Obama should look at a map of the Middle East instead of a map of his golf course?

A lot of COALITION blood was spilled to gain the strategic advantage in Iraq, but Obama threw that all away when he surrendered and withdrew US Troops.

Trust me, I could be here for hours on the Iraq War and the Middle East crisis. My analysis has been way more accurate than the Retired Military officers in the media, because they are all sticking to a particular script.

I, on the other hand write my own script.

Happy Labor Day….


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NSA Intercepts Al Qaeda Conference Call to Attack European Train Rails

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster


Are Leftists and Libertarians protecting your rights or the enemy when they smear US Intelligence and the US Military surveillance programs? Remember that many Leftists and Libertarians blame US policies for terrorism rather than blaming Muslim terrorists or their enablers in Russia and Iran.


The numerous train derailments and accidents around the world were probably no accident like the media has reported.


Link from DRUDGE

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Russia announces $4.2 Billion Weapons Deal with Iraq as Egypt Falls

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

Now Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki says that Iraq and Russia may sign new defense contracts. “Perhaps there will be new contracts signed so that we could protect the sovereignty of the state,” he said in an interview.


Obama withdrew the troops from Iraq (surrendered to Iran) and now Iraq is funding the Russian war machine by buying $4.2 Billion in weapons?


Last night, I had a Marine veteran tell me on Twitter about how the ‘Senior’ Egyptian Military leaders are so friendly with the US Military leaders. The ‘Senior’ Egyptian Military leaders would have backed Morsi; rather than the protesters if that were the case, but instead they ousted the American puppet, Mohammad Morsi.

The ‘Senior’ Egyptian Military leaders would have never taken out Morsi without the approval of Vladimir Putin. It is that simple. The Russians control the Middle East, not the US Military, the CIA or Obama. I have respect for our soldiers, but they are too blind to see that their Superior Officers have betrayed them and their oaths.

Delusional kool aid drinkers like this Marine hero on Twitter are the reason why this is all a done deal. The sheep are waiting for Fox News to announce that Capitalism has been defeated by the Communists and the Muslims. That will never be announced, but you have to have the brains to know that it is taking place as we speak.


I had to remind this Marine that a “Marxist is currently in the White House”. Obama promised flexibility to the Russians for a reason…he is their puppet. Obama serves the best interest of Moscow, before the best interests of the US Military.


All of the blood that was spilled in Iraq and Afghanistan was for NOTHING.


US Troops are running around in circles as the Russians and the Muslims sit back and laugh at US purposely shatter the US Economy. Invading and withdrawing as Communist traitors spill US secrets to our enemies. That is winning?


Enjoy your 4th of July…

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George Orwell Quotes

This man was a brilliant visionary…


In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

Political language… is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.

– George Orwell

More George Orwell quotes from Brainy Quote

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American Libertarianism: Children and Grand Children of the 60’s Communists

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

Rush, Savage and the rest of the talk show hosts are not educating the people about the real agenda of Libertarians. Why? They don’t want to offend the Libertarians that listen to the show; it is about RATINGS. The Commies that frequent the Ron Paul forums hate The Conservative Monster, because this site is one of the few that exposes them.

The Libertarian agenda is to take down the already weakened Republican Party from within. Why don’t Libertarians join the Libertarian Party if Libertarianism and their ideas are so great? It is not about ideas; it is about INFILTRATION.

Lenin said

“The best way to control the opposition is to infiltrate it and run it yourself”

I have stated many times that the Tea party will be turned into a left wing movement due to mass brainwashing and most of the people won’t even be aware that the propaganda they are spewing is Communist. Why? Most of them have been dumbed down as to what Communist propaganda is since it has been cleansed from the media. The Liberals know what it is …that is for sure.

I see people in the Tea Party cheering Edward Snowden, a Communist spy and I know that the end is near. This is why I walked away from the Tea Party in 2010.

The Libertarian anti-war protesters from the Bush years and the 9/11 Truthers spewed 100% Communist lies and they got away with it. They acted as a huge distraction (on the Internet) from people seeing the truth about Muslim terrorism, it’s Communist roots and the war against Capitalism.

Alan Colmes is a Ron Paul fan and that is proof enough that Paul was no Conservative, because Holmes would never admire ANY real Conservative. Libertarians love to shout Revolution as they praise the Russian and Iranian media, bash Capitalism and Israel. It is not rocket science to figure out that they are really Communists.

Yesterday, a nutty Libertarian told me that he was an “Isolationist Conservative”. I told him to go “Isolate himself over to Russia Today’s website”.

I also find it interesting that many Libertarians love to shout the word “Fascism”, but they never say the word Communist. This sounds like a LIBERAL to me.


A Conservative Monster fan sent me this interesting comment:

 The Libertarians here in my state are trying to infiltrate the Republican Party. My husband visits their little forums where they meet and plan. We called them out in our county, but there are others and it’s Nation-wide. They are not Constitutionalists, they are closet communists.


Libertarian Archives


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Zero Dark Thirty: The Bin Laden Raid was Fact, Fiction or Distraction for Obama’s Birth Certificate?

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster


I finally bought a copy of Zero Dark Thirty on DVD and I thought it was good, but FICTIONAL.

There is NO WAY that Obama approved of this mission unless he knew Pakistan was going to allow the Navy Seals to enter their airspace untouched. Since day one I stand by the fact that Pakistan (and our other enemies) wanted to help Obama gain credibility so they handed Bin Laden over to him on a silver platter since he outlived his usefulness.

  • There was major backlash against the Obama Administration during his first 2 years due to the economy and the massive debt that was increasing faster than ever before.
  • During the time BEFORE the Bin Laden, the Birther movement was calling for Obama to release ALL of his records, because the transparency that was promised was not delivered.


The Bin Laden raid  happened several days after Obama released a birth certificate that he claims is real, but it was not. This Bin Laden raid was done to distract attention away from an obvious fake birth certificate that was released in late April 2011. – Arpaio: Obama birth record ‘definitely fraudulent’  – Literary Pamphlet More Proof That Birth Certificate a Forgery

During the spring of 2011, Donald Trump kept pushing the Birther issue and it had many liberals frightened, because they knew that Obama was hiding something about his past. So, some badly needed Obama magic and ‘hocus pocus’ was needed to be performed to fool the people. Misdirection….look here and now look there. #sheep

The average person fell for all of this, but I am not the average person…sorry.

Many liberals know that Obama’s birth certificate was fake, but they are liars and frauds just like Obama is. So why should I believe that the Bin Laden raid was real, if the eligibility issue was fake and staged? From the Birther Issue to Benghazi….Obama has plenty to hide.

So, the timing of the Bin Laden raid was suspect and I immediately made that fact known.  Like I said earlier, Bin Laden had outlived his usefulness. Russian controlled/trained Ayman Zawahiri was and still is the main operational leader behind Al Qaeda. Why are there no calls to kill Zawahiri? The answer is that Putin is protecting him…for now.

First, Bin Laden was NOT DEAD like the Libertarian fruit loops insisted that he was for many years on the Internet. The Navy Seals did kill Bin Laden, but I believe that Pakistan allowed the raid to happen despite what was reported by the media and the White House.

  • The CIA couldn’t even say for sure that Bin Laden was hiding in the Pakistani house, but Obama still approved of the raid anyway? NO WAY.
  • Casting Tony Soprano was a big mistake, because I just couldn’t get his character out of my head.
  • Bin Laden was hiding in a well guarded area where many Pakistani military commanders lived, but NO police or military responded when they heard a helicopter crash into the front wall? You have seen Rambo too many times if you believe his one.
  • I am recalling this from memory: The mission took place over 30 miles into Pakistan. So, this was not just some border incursion.
  • Remember that Obama’s speech writers probably work for Hollywood too… if you know what I mean.

Hollywood’s Commies were upset about the water boarding scene, because they know that Muslims are part of the war against Capitalism that they wholeheartedly support. Also, Hollywood liberals are afraid that Muslims will start kidnapping and beheading them if anti-Muslim movies are made. It would be no great loss.

Hollywood was probably upset by the fact that a ‘strong woman’ was involved with the CIA investigation to get Bin Laden and that she even assisted with water boarding Al Qaeda operatives for information.

Bin Laden was killed on the Communist Holiday, May Day. I don’t believe that was a coincidence.

Overall, it was a good movie, but I already knew how all of this played out in my head before the movie was even made.

I will give the movie 4 stars….

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