Should Interpol Arrest Assange?

Steve Cooper


Ecuador has announced that they will give asylum to Wikileaks founder and fugitive from justice, Julian Assange. Ecuador is knowingly undermining justice, British and EU Laws as well.

Interpol, International Police have the powers to arrest criminals or suspects involved with white-collar crime, computer crime, intellectual property crime and corruption.

Assange would have to be charged by the United States for theft of computer crimes and then Interpol can arrest Assange.

Ecuador will argue that their Embassy is immune to any police raid, but they are not.  Ecuador can file a complaint AFTER the raid is done and Assange is arrested.

Ecuador is harboring a fugitive that has violated the terms of his bail.

Sweden Drops 800 Teddy Bears on Belarus to Promote Democracy Movement

400 Communists Attack Anti-Islamic Protesters in Sweden with Bottles


They preach tolerance as they throw bottles and fireworks at peaceful protesters. The Communists know that Islamic terrorism is an important part of the war against Capitalism. You will never hear this TRUTH in the media.

The Conservative Monster is the gravest threat to these Communists and Fascists, because this site shines light on their hate and intolerance towards freedom of speech and Capitalism.

- Steve Cooper,7340,L-4264633,00.html

Italian Hotel Agrees: Muslim Porter Does NOT Have to Take Orders From His Female Boss

Note to you LIBERAL WOMEN: This is just the beginning….

The non-Muslim workers will have to do more work now. Muslims are now a protected class…