France may ban black comedian for anti-Semitic jibes

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The “N” word is banned from public use. So why not ban hate speech against Jews and the Holocaust by these Nazi lovers?

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Putin’s Christmas Message: “New post-Soviet union ready for 2015 launch”

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Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday the final pieces were in place for the 2015 launch of an economic union with Belarus and Kazakhstan that Moscow hopes can also be joined by Ukraine.

Is Putin the greatest threat to Europe since Hitler?

Conservative News Update:

Is Putin the greatest threat to Europe since Hitler?

President Putin wants to create a Eurasian Union from the Pacific Ocean to the borders of the European Union. Leaders of the two rival trade unions say that Ukraine cannot belong to both groups.

BREAKING: Ukraine scores $15 billion from Russia, 35% gas discount

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Lenin statue toppled in Ukraine protest

Post by CNN.

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German firms sold sensitive equipment to Iran even during sanctions regime

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The Muslim/Nazi alliance is alive and well?

Germany Wants to Interview Russian Agent Snowden about NSA Spying

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

Drudge Report is reporting that Germany wants to speak with Edward Snowden about spying. This plot was designed by Moscow to split the US relations with Europe and eventually to dissolve NATO. Snowden is another Marxist that hides behind the label Libertarian.

I have to constantly remind people about this, but Libertarians and Leftists follow the same playbook when it comes to undermining US Foreign Intelligence Agencies. This is just another example of that.

I am tired of the Tea Party people being fooled by these fraud Libertarians. Rand Paul wrote a little speech for Code Pink to read at one of their Communist rallies. People don’t believe this romance between the ‘Libertarians and Leftists’ since Fox News and Rush lack the guts to point this out.

Conservatism is being undermined by this leftist foreign policy that has infiltrated the Republican Party. Say what you want about the RINO’s (I despise them too), but they don’t embrace obvious Marxist agents such as Edward Snowden.

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