Let’s take a look back

Conservative News Update:

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster.com

Over the years I’ve made many predictions (too many to recall all of), but I will do the best I can briefly.

I predicted:

Obamacare would pass even after Rush, Hannity and Savage said it wouldn’t.

The 2012 Election results (via oter fraud) almost EXACT (I missed it by maybe 1 or 2 pts)

That Hillary Clinton would be burnt and then Benghazi happened. Now, this email scandal was leaked.

Ron and Rand Paul were frauds and they have been exposed as one.

Putin would attempt to take back the former Soviet Republics and they invaded the Ukraine.

Information would eventually be released linking Iran to Bin Laden and that happened last week.

My next prediction is very bold; Obama will stay past his term due to a global manufactured crisis since our enemies don’t want to risk another Republican taking over the White House.