Lois Lerner Referred to Conservatives as ‘assholes’ and ‘Terrorists’

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Geraldo Rivera: “Drudge is trying to start a civil war with his coverage of the immigration crisis”

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Will Putin claim US sanctions are a ‘declaration of war’ against Russia?

Conservative News Update:

I do expect Putin to claim that US and EU sanctions against Russia are a ‘declaration of war’ and a threat to Russian National Security. This is part of the staged feud that Obama and the EU are planning with Russia to dupe Americans into accepting World Government.

A major crisis is needed to convince people that World Govt. is needed to ensure Global stability from terrorism and economic collapse.  

I suspect that ‘they’ are also waiting for Israel to make a move on Iran so ‘the Jews can be blamed’. How so? I suspect Iranian terrorists will commit acts of terrorism against the US after an Israeli attack on Iran. This will be used as propaganda to turn Americans against Israel.

Plus, the plug will be pulled on the economy so ‘the Jews will be blamed’ for that as well.

I am writing this down now so these predictions are documented AFTER they do take place.    

Iran to build a hospital in Gaza?

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Another hospital loaded with weapons and human shields?

US claims Russia violated 1987 missile treaty

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Russia violated a treaty? You don’t say…

I warned that Obama and Putin were going to ‘stage’ a feud over one year ago, but nobody had a clue what I was talking about. Now, the sheep are seeing it….


Thug Hamas supporters riot in France

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