Terrorism expert: Someone needs to blitz Iran

Rubin thinks it would be a good strategic distraction for Israel and/or the United States to talk about attacking Syria, and then launch a surprise attack to take out Iran’s nuclear threat.


My Recollection of Working at Ground Zero Days After Sept. 11th, 2001

ground zero

Photo taken by Steve Cooper, Sept 2001 – Ground Zero, NYC

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

On 9/13/01, I was assigned to work at Ground Zero when I was a member of the NYPD. The streets looked like a war zone. It felt like I was walking through ‘Hell on Earth’ when I saw emergency vehicles flattened like pancakes covered with debris, ashes and probably body fragments too.

The smell of fire and death was all throughout lower Manhattan. I knew that day that many of the emergency workers would have health problems in the future from the smoke that we were inhaling. Now, the NYPD Police Union leader Patrick Lynch claims that more NYPD cops have died from cancer from the after effects of the 9/11 attacks than the actual attack itself.

My outrage from the 9/11 2001 attacks were another reason for me to start doing my own research on terrorism, because I didn’t trust the US Government or the NYPD to tell me what was going on. I blame liberalism and political correctness.

NYPD Police Commissioner Ray Kelly does deserve a lot of credit for keeping NYC safe, because he had the courage to send NYPD Detectives outside of the US to investigate terrorism due to his lack of faith in Washington. This upset many in the FBI and CIA.

Most intelligence agencies are infiltrated and controlled by ‘left leaning’ bureaucrats that are part of the conspiracy to undermine Capitalism. This means that I don’t trust the intel that was and is being told to local Police Departments. Bottom line, undermining capitalism is the goal here. This is why the WTC was targeted. The Pentagon was just an extra bonus, but crippling Capitalism was the goal behind the 9/11 2001 attack.

I was also at Ground Zero the day that George Bush’s motorcade drove by for his historic speech to the emergency workers that were digging up live and dead bodies from a smoldering pile of metal.

The reason that George Bush invaded Iraq and Afghanistan was to have Iran surrounded since they were the real culprits behind the 9/11 2001 attack. Unfortunately, the Democrats and Libertarians gave aid and comfort to the enemy; Iran and Syria by threatening to impeach Bush and charge him with war crimes if he dared to venture outside of Iraq’s borders. The enemy within…

Liberals attacked Bush so he couldn’t stop the flow of terrorists that were coming into Iraq from Iran and Syria during the war that were killing US Troops.

Iraq and Afghanistan were wars against Russian and Chinese proxies Iran, Syria and Pakistan. Russia and China protected these countries from being attacked with threats of WW III. So, if Iran is a Russian proxy and they assisted with the execution of 9/11; it is safe to say that Moscow had prior knowledge of the attacks. Were the nuke plants that were built for Iran a gift from the Kremlin? I believe so.


Post 9/11: The Final Push to Take Down Capitalism

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George Zimmerman NOT charged by police after allegation by wife

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster


Democrats were jumping for joy on Twitter when news broke that George Zimmerman was in custody of the police and being questioned about a domestic incident, BUT he was released.


Update – http://edition.cnn.com/2013/09/09/us/george-zimmerman-detained/

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The FYI on Libertarians that the Media won’t report

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

I need to explain something:

Many Libertarians rant about Obama, but they really voted for him. They want to rile up Conservatives so martial law is declared, the banking system is dissolved and that will be the end of Capitalism. The goal is to sabotage any resistance to Socialism or Radical Islam from within by being anti-war.

The War against Capitalism switched gears when the Soviet Union staged their collapse in the early 90’s, BUT suddenly a new enemy emerges called Al Qaeda? I have a bridge to sell you.

Al Qaeda is an Iranian terror proxy that attacked the US financial center on Sept 11th, 2001. Again, this still is a war against Capitalism that never ended and neither did the ‘Cold War’. This is why the World Trade Center was chosen, because it is the heart of Capitalism.

Sure, Iran used Saudi hijackers to execute 9/11. Would you expect them to use Iranians to point them blame towards themselves? Iran is bold enough to openly be involved with Al Qaeda since Russia and China defends them.

Libertarians also love the Russian and Iranian news media. Plus, they scream about banks, Wall Street and the Jews all day long. The 9/11 Truther movement was loaded with Libertarians that were really Leftists deflecting blame away from Iran and towards Israel for the 9/11 attacks.

Conservatives on the other hand love Israel, BUT Libertarians want to abandon them to be slaughtered by Muslim terrorist Nations. Libertarians shout that they are for the US Constitution and Liberty, but they defend tyrants that slaughter tens of thousands of civilians.

Libertarian propaganda is identical to the crap that Jane Fonda spewed during the Vietnam war. Last week, I was called a terrorist TWICE. First was by an Iranian and then by a Libertarian.

That sounds like a Communist to me…


American Libertarianism: Children and Grand Children of the 60′s Communists

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The Top Countries and Cities That Read The Conservative Monster

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

According to Alexa.com as of Sept 9th, 2013 – The Conservative Monster is ranked:

700,000 in the World

150,000 in the US


The top 5 Countries are:

  1. USA
  2. UK
  3. Australia
  4. Canada
  5. Ukraine

The top 5 American Cities are:

  1. Houston
  2. Tampa
  3. New York
  4. Chicago
  5. Los Angeles

(According to Facebook insights)

It would make sense to Advertise on The Conservative Monster to promote your business or website.


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