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McCain says Obama Would Be ‘Wise’ to Replace Joe Biden with Hillary Clinton

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I tweeted this at 1:55am this morning, because I knew something might be happening with Hillary soon.

The C Monster@cnin

Will the September surprise be VP Hillary?

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McCain says Obama Would Be ‘Wise’ to Replace Joe Biden with Hillary Clinton on the Ticket — ABC News Politics (@ABCPolitics)

The 2012 election is about evolution of the American economy to socialism

The 2004 election was about ‘the war on terror’. The 2012 election is about evolution of the American economy to socialism. — The C Monster (@cnin)

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SOURCES: Gunman With Chick-Fil-A Bag Opens Fire At Conservatives – Family Research Council – Fox Nation

Another part of the SOCIALIST REVOLUTION? -

The suspected shooter was a LEFT WINGER that worked at a GAY and LESBIAN center…according to Fox News. I have a feeling that CNN will not report this story like they did with the Wisconsin shooting.


Dishonorable Disclosures: Special ops group attacks Obama over bin Laden bragging, leaks

How are Yellow Jacks Like Iranians?


Steve Cooper



Last week, I was stung by a yellow jack and I turned the other cheek. Today, I was stung again. So, what did I do? I wiped out the entire nest with a RAID Spray that kills yellow jacks. I watched them all jumping out of the nest and die right at my feet.

Why did I do this? The answer is that I DIDN’T WANT TO BE STUNG AGAIN. Also, I didn’t want my dogs to be stung. So, I eliminated the threat violently and FAST.

There was no bullshit war where I decided that I would kill one yellow jack here and another there and then let one or two sting me back, because I didn’t want the yellow jacks to feel inferior to MY POWER. I was not bound by liberal rules of engagement like US Troops were in Iraq and Afghanistan as Iranian backed terrorists would kill our young men and women.

After 9/11, Russian President Putin warned George Bush to only use a ‘proportionate amount of force’. What did he mean by that? He warned the USA not to use excessive force. I guess Putin would have warned me to only kill ONE YELLOW JACK every other month or so? My answer to him would have been “Go to hell!” Now, you know why we are losing these wars and in the process of surrendering.

Russia masterfully used Iran to fight the USA as their ‘Islamic terror proxy’ in Iraq and Afghanistan as the media stooges covered for them both.

The other day I was asked by a Ron Paul terrorist to provide a source for my claim that Iran was aiding the terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan.


My answer was “testimony in front of the US Congress by US Military leaders, you moron!”

Back to Iran and the solution. The solution is to massively bomb all of Iran’s earthquake faults with every deadly weapon that we have. Then, tell Putin to “Go to hell” when he calls on the red phone, but this will never happen, because a Moscow and Iran friendly President is in office named Obama.

Then, demand for Iran’s surrender or they will be totally destroyed. Don’t tell me about BS revolutions that are just staged to buy Iran more time. The Iranian people have had 33 years to overthrow that brutal regime. They are OUT OF TIME….

The media hides all of the death to America signs, because they want to change the minds of the American people that Iran is not such a threat. It is all deception by leftists that seek to destroy the USA.

Iranian backed Hezbollah also attacked the Marine Barracks in Lebanon and they aided the transfer of the 9/11 terrorists to Afghanistan via their country. Bush attacked the neighboring countries to surround Iran, but he was stopped by threats of WW III from Russia, China and their surrogates within the Democrat Party.


NBC News: Obama Campaign in Full Blown Panic Mode – 2012 Election – Fox Nation


Panic? Maybe a little, but I think they just want people to believe it will be a fair election….NOT

Video – Communist 9/11 Truther “We Love Dead Republicans”

Steve Cooper


9/11 Truthers are Communists that say George Bush was behind the 9/11 attacks. The 9/11 Truther movement purposely acts as a distraction to confuse the American people who the enemy really is and who attacked the U.S.

The 9/11 attacks was an attack against Capitalism by Communists and Muslims. The Truthers act as a shield for our enemies to blame Republicans, Conservatives and Israel for 9/11.

Many Democrats, Ron Paul loons and Libertarians are 9/11 Truthers. I have been researching the Truther movement for many years and I  know their lies and propaganda like the back of my hand. They have also threatened my life on several occasions for exposing them.

This nutjob will publicly shout about Obama and the NWO, but he will vote for him. He certainly isn’t voting for Romney if he likes “dead Republicans”.