Fox News: Obama to Meet With Union and ‘Progressive Leaders About Immigration.

Steve Cooper

Obama to Meet With Union and ‘Progressive Leaders About Immigration?

What does this really mean?

Obama is meeting with ‘Communists’ about immigration. Forget about outlawing guns…it is time to outlaw Communists. It is time for McCarthyism and you are blind if you can’t see it by now.

The Union leaders are going to betray their members when these illegal aliens are given amnesty and absorbed by the unions to become employed. The wages will have to be dropped once the ranks become swollen with too many workers.

These union members will be the useful idiots to fuel the coming Marxist Revolution that Obama and his pals desire to grab even more power. Now, do you understand why the goal is to ban guns eventually? Did you expect them to just come out and say it? No, they are starting with magazines and they will eat their way through the 2nd Amendment the same way they are doing to the treasury. Like locusts.

Also, I expect a union pension bail out down the road so the Government can eventually take over the Unions. That is the ultimate goal, but they still could let the unions have an appearance of independence by having one of their puppets lead them. – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s
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