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“Obama is going for the moron vote” – Rush Limbaugh #tcot

“Obama is going for the moron vote” – Rush Limbaugh #tcot — The C Monster (@cnin)

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Capitol Police, FBI probe threats against Mo. Rep. Akin

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Obama holds lead in Ohio, but slips in Florida and Wisconsin, poll shows

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Judge warns of civil war if Obama re-elected

The CNN stooge that was reporting this kept making faces and he attacked the judge, but many Americans believe that the Democrats would love to spark a civil war so they can have absolute power.

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Visa Free Travel From Russia to Europe Coming Soon?

The Communists have been preaching “No borders” for the longest time.

I have been watching and waiting for this announcement of Visa free travel from Russia to Europe for quite a while. I don’t miss a thing :)

This is a great way for the Russians to dump their dead weight and spies onto Europe legally. Putin will take over and control Europe without even firing ONE SHOT.