Marxist Revolutionary Group Admits Attack on US Embassy in Turkey

A Marxist Revolutionary group has claimed responsibility for the attack on the US Embassy in Turkey.

The Conservative Monster is the only website that even mentions the words Marxist Revolution.

Revolutionaries are acting globally, because they want the destruction of Capitalism now.

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Ed Koch Dies at Age 88: Koch on Obama “I Smell Munich in the Air”

Ed Koch

Steve Cooper

I lost thousands of articles when I switched The Conservative Monster to a different format, but I NEVER forget anything…when it comes to my research.

Ed Koch was a great Mayor, but he made it known that he was not happy with Obama’s treatment of Israel. You should have thought of that before you endorsed him and gave him the NY Jewish vote.

Koch was an Elitist and that is obvious by his endorsement of Obama. Elitists are no friend of the middle class no matter how much they lie about it.

Radical Leftists hate Israel, because the Marxists are united with the Muslims to destroy Capitalism and Israel. Liberals hate The Conservative Monster, because I expose their agenda unlike the liars in the media.

Liberals had a fit when Koch mentioned “I smell Munich in the air” when he was unhappy with Obama’s treatment of Israel. – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

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Patty Andrews, Last Surviving Member of Andrews Sisters Singing Trio, Dies at 94 – Speakeasy – WSJ

Patty Andrews was a patriot that always played for the troops, but her appearances in the Abbott and Costello movies is something that I will always remember.

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Interview with Jason Mattera about the economy and gun control.

Jason Mattera


Listen to the 20 minute interview HERE…


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Hollywood Hypocrites

Jason Mattera: Asks Mayor Bloomberg If He Will Have His Armed Guards Give Up Their Weapons