The Real Reason Obama Seeks to Annihilate the Republicans

Steve Cooper

Leftists hate Conservatives, the Police, the Military, but their main obstacle to attain absolute power right now is the Republican Party. John Boehner is correct when he stated that Obama wants to annihilate the Republicans and he should be scared.

I try to explain to the Tea Party rookies that the we don’t quite have a ONE Party system just yet, but many are brainwashed by the Libertarians. Soros only gives money to the Democrats for a reason…there still is a difference. The Republicans fear the Democrats and their radical associations.

So, John Boehner is confirming what Conservatives feared. What would stop Obama from imposing a total gun ban once the Republicans are out? Nothing…

The media is working day and night to crush John Boehner and the Republican Congress, because they can smell that an Obama Dictatorship is within reach. – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

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WordPress compares The Conservative Monster Traffic to Sold Out Jay Z Shows.

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WordPress compared the conservative monster web traffic to eight sold out Jay Z concerts.

This traffic estimate doesn’t include the massive Facebook and Twitter traffic.

“19,000 people fit into the new Barclays Center to see Jay-Z perform. The Conservative Monster was viewed about 156,000 times in 2012.

If it were a concert at the Barclays Center, it would take about 8 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.”

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Sen. Feinstein ready to introduce new ban on assault weapons – The Hill’s Blog Briefing Room

Conservative Monster (@cnin) tweeted at 4:17 PM on Thu, Jan 24, 2013:
RT – The Republicans need to call for impeachment hearings against Sen. Feinstein once her gun bill is submitted. #NRA


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Murder suspect escapes Brooklyn police station after scuffle with officer, cops say


Murder suspect escapes Brooklyn police station after scuffle with officer, cops say

Police are hunting for escaped suspect Brandon Santana, 24.

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Why Do Wealthy Elitists Support Obama, but Golfer Phil Mickelson Does Not?

Phil Mickelson

Steve Cooper


Why do wealthy Elitists like George Soros, Michael Moore, Bill Maher, Beyonce and Jay Z support Obama, but a wealthy man like Phil Mickelson does not?

  • Phil Mickelson has morals unlike the wealthy extremists that I mentioned above. Any rich person that supports Obama’s redistribution agenda is trying to buy their way out of the coming wealth confiscation.

I am surprised that Phil Mickelson doesn’t have a non-profit organization to launder his tax dollars like many of the Hollywood Elite does. Also, I don’t blame Phil Mickelson one bit for wanting to flee California to fund their Socialist experiment. Eventually, California will just have the super wealthy that chose to stay and the illegal aliens for slave labor.

The middle class will have to flee California as well due to lack of opportunity. The super wealthy that chose to stay will be elevated to the Elite Class since they are paying the bills. The Elite Class will be like royalty and that is the real goal.

  • Marxism is about power and ego; rather than equality.

The super wealthy support Obama, because they want to be on his good side when the next major economic crisis shoves the people into Communism. This is the REAL reason why the Elite want the Democrats to ‘set the stage’ to disarm the middle class.

Experts have hinted that the National debt hitting $20 trillion could get the ball rolling into a downward spiral (tyranny). WE could all wake up one day and the dollar could lose 80% of it’s value. Pol Pot made all paper money illegal after the Cambodian Revolution. Obama’s father wrote an editorial  for a Kenyan newspaper suggesting that Kenyan citizens should pay 100% in taxes in exchange for Government services. Is this Obama’s goal since he seems to have a ‘father issue’?

Many will argue that Obama is really a Fascist, but eventually the Government will have to control all corporations and industry when the math of their plan fails. Many leftists see  Abortion and violence in the black community as population control to non contributors of society. – George Bernard Shaw – “Justify your existence”.

Please check my math, but I estimate that the American dollar is only worth 23 cents in 2013 as compared to 1975 according to coin

  • If you bought a $20 product in 1975 it would cost you $85 today. Sooner or later this bubble is going to burst and the Elite want the middle class disarmed when it does collapse, but NOT all of the elite will be safe either.
  • ALL people will be fair game to the Government once this economy implodes, but I believe that Bill Maher, Jay Z and Beyonce will be safe thanks to their campaign contributions to Obama.

In 1975, if you bought a product for $1 it would cost you $4.27 in 2013. That adds up if you have a mortgage and a family to support. This increase doesn’t effect a rich man and that is why less are concerned about the coming inflation, but they better worry about the coming wealth confiscation.

Study history and you will see that guns and wealth are confiscated when a crisis emerges. This crisis is being manufactured to end Capitalism. The Elitists want to end opportunity for the rest of us now that they have reached millionaire and billionaire status.

What if you find out one say that the $100,000 that you have in the bank is now only worth $20,000 or what if the Government confiscates 80% of your money to redistribute to pay the National Debt?

Think that it can’t happen? It certainly is…right before your eyes.

Boycott Beyonce Super Bowl Sunday Halftime Show – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

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