Super PAC raises $4 million for Hillary ‘Benghazi’ Clinton

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Fox News reported:

WASHINGTON –  Ready for Hillary, the super PAC trying to build a groundswell of support for a potential Hillary Rodham Clinton presidential campaign, says it raised more than $4 million in 2013.

Hillary Benghazi Clinton FB Page

Varney & Co. – College grads struggling to find jobs

Conservative News Update:

Jason Mattera on Varney & Co. discussing the problem young college grads have finding jobs. 

It was an honor to have interviewed Jason Mattera twice for The Conservative Monster.

Check out his books on

Report: Walmart Employee Health Plan Better Than Obamacare

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Iraq: The New Liberal Killing Field

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Hillary Clinton FLASHBACK: Saddam aided Al Qaeda terrorists (2002)

Conservative News Update:

What difference does it make?

The Democrats voted for the Iraq War and then they undermined US Troops after their boots hit the ground. Leftists use Hillary’s Iraq War vote as a reason to hate her, but there are many other reasons as well. She just isn’t radical enough for these extremists that would rather have an Obama Dictatorship.

Also, check out the new Hillary “Benghazi” Clinton Facebook Page

The Conservative Monster getting back on track

Conservative News Update:

The Conservative Monster rankings seem to be back on track. I added the domain name to the headline and that could have confused the search engines. I still do believe Google is suppressing my search results by dumping me on page 5 after ‘Conservative News’ is searched.

The site is ranked 285,000 in the USA (according to Alexa) and that is not easy to do considering there are 300 million websites and the ‘porn addiction’.

It might take another week or two for the global rankings to get stronger again.


Sochi Olympics: Since when is ‘being gay’ a sport?

Conservative News Update:

Billie Jean King and other gay athletes want to make a ‘statement’ at the Sochi Olympic games in Russia, because of the assault against gay rights.

Gays now want to taint the Olympics with their agenda. This is an embarrassment to the Olympics and the United States, but these radicals don’t care.

Nobody cares who you sleep with…