Democrats shout ‘McCarthyism’ to deflate allegations that Govt Agencies targeted Conservative

Conservative News Update:

McCarthyism? Communism is already here, but nobody has the guts to say it…

Watch this interview with Megyn Kelly and Congressman Jordan to see how bad things have gotten. Even my Uncle, who has always been a moderate that didn’t believe my warnings (since 2003) is now admitting that “I WAS RIGHT”.

The Congressman that shouted McCartyism should be censured by his colleagues for his reckless allegation.

Fox & Friends mentioned The Conservative Monster comment about Hillary Clinton’s ‘mysterious’ Tweet

Conservative News Update:

A Conservative Monster fan alerted me that I was mentioned on Fox News this morning for commenting about Hillary Clinton’s Superbowl Tweet. I was suggesting that Hillary Clinton was very happy to see Obama being grilled by Bill O’ Reilly.

I am tough on Fox News for being too liberal at times, but they are without a doubt #1 in the media.

Thank you Kandy for the heads up!

Hey, you’re a mention on Fox this morning: On the other hand, the obviously right-leaning website Conservative Monster appeared to see it the other way, asking, “Was Hillary Clinton’s mysterious Super Bowl Tweet ‘joy’ that Obama was on the Fox ‘Hot Seat’?”

Click here to see Hillary Clinton’s Tweet

UN accuses Vatican of adopting policies that allowed priests to rape children

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Really, the UN should suggest that the Vatican find a way to weed ‘gay men out’ from the priesthood.

If a man rapes a young boy, clearly that man is GAY. Liberals try to spin the issue into pedophilia, but that is because they lie about everything. There aren’t any cases that I can recall of priests raping young girls, because the priests are GAY. They only want to rape BOYS.

This is common sense, but liberals have none of that either.

Seinfeld reacts to ‘all white audience’ accusation made by interviewer

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UPDATED: If you want your breast cancer, you can keep your breast cancer

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Dr David Samadi reported on Fox & Friends that the U.S. wants to change the guidelines when women get mammograms and it can save billions of dollars, but not lives.

  • The study suggests that women get a mammogram once every two years rather than once every year. Finding too many women with breast cancer at once can overwhelm the heath care system and we don’t want that do we?
  • The study also ‘suggests’ that women get a mammogram from the ages of 50-74 rather than 40 and above. 


Dr Samadi didn’t agree with this study, because it will delay detection of cancer and that could mean lives being lost if the cancer advances into the bone.

Obamacare is turning into the rationing of healthcare just like Conservatives said it would.

If you want your breast cancer, you can keep your breast cancer.

Donald Rumsfeld on Benghazi: “It’s a Cover Up”

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