Putin’s Direct Threat: We Are Ready to Crash the Dollar

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2013 – Professors target Dr Ben Carson for Rejecting Evolution

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Darwinism the Root of Liberal Racism?

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Video: Professor goes on deranged Pro-Darwin rant in the face of Christian protestors

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Professors like this deranged man caught on video spewing a hateful rant against Christian Evangelists is the reason why College kids go on MASS SHOOTINGS. College kids are being ‘programmed to kill’ by Professors that preach Darwinism, Marxism and revolution, but I allege that the evidence of this is being suppressed by the media, law enforcement and the US Government.

The alarming amount of student that worship Che Guevera is proof that I am on the right track once again.

Darwin’s theories were racist, but liberals twist what Darwinism is really all about.  – Click Here


L.A. Clippers Owner Allegedly Caught on Audio in a Racist Rant

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Sterling sounds like a Democrat to me LOL


Russian planes have not entered Ukrainian airspace – Moscow

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Moscow insists that Russian planes have not entered Ukrainian airspace. Sure, like Moscow can be trusted?

Where are the nutty Liberals and Libertarians that called George Bush a war criminal. The Conservative Monster is the only media source to expose these Libertarian frauds such as Ron and Rand Paul.